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13th Avenue is one of the two streets in Residential Area in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. Through this street you enter the first chamber of Temen-ni-gru - Ice Guardian Chamber and its host - Cerberus.


This street unlike Slum Avenue suffered the most damage. The entire throughway got cracked and avalanched with crushed concrete and asphalt. There are a lot of of building: one apartament with fire ladder, one with barricaded door, where Red Orb Crystal hides, a garage, many residences and maybe even a shop.

Just as you enter Love Planet you can see its logo lying to the ground. Jumping on the very top of this "slope" will reveal a Red Orb Crystal. To the right you can see a building with a curtained door. 

As you move ahead, you will find a ladder leading to the second floor of an apartment. On the street's left there is a two-storey building with a fragile fence. Destroying it will open a space where Red Orb Crystal stands.

Getting closer, to the right there will be an iron door, leading you to Secret Mission 01: "The Exorcist". Above it is a flat space, where two red orbs and one Blue Orb Fragment lie ahead. And on the left there will be a building with what used to be a tall building but only ground floor remaining. Jumping on top will make Dante discover first Combat Adjudicator .



  • There are no enemies throughout your entire way to Temen-ni-gru.


3 Blue Orb Fragments[]

  • Pick-up orb
  • Combat Adjudicator reward
  • Secret Mission reward


  • In the final scene of Devil May Cry 3 this is the location where staff roll goes and Devils Never Cry plays. Your objective is to kill appearing Hells. It is not necessary but going over 100 will unlock a secret scene.