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66 Slum Avenue is one of two streets on Residential Area in Devil May Cry 3, that is the first for the player to enter in Mission 03: The Devils' tower.


The street is a short throughway to the nearest bar named "Bullseye". Initially, it was supposed to be connected with two other streets, but they all got blocked up by rubble, created by the earthquake when Temen-ni-gru was emerging. The street is also destroyed, almost every wall is sprayed in graffiti and there are chunks of rubble over the place and burning barrels which explode when shot.

There are a lot of flat rooftops, which serve as a great way of shooting from the highground. This strategy is used by two Enigmas, where one sits at the top of the bar and the other is at the opposing building's roof.



Two Enigmas, which show up first on two rooftops.

A wave of Hell Prides, emerging from the ground, nearest walls and jumping over from a mountain of broken concrete.

Multiple Hell Lusts, emerging from the ground.

One Hell Wrath, emerging from the ground.


  • Door leading to Bullseye bar
  • Pathway back to Dante's Office
  • Three exploding barrels.
  • Red Orb Cache