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A.I.M.$: All you need Is Money (エイムズ, Eimuzu?) was a mobile free-to-play "Cash robbery" battle royale action game. It was developed and released in Japan only for Android and iOS devices in 2020 by NHN PlayArt, a Japanese subsidiary of the Korean NHN Corporation. The service was closed on November 16, 2021.[1]

A collaboration between A.I.M.$ and Devil May Cry 5 was revealed in December 2020.


The game consists of 5 minute matches with up to 51 participants. During the match a player can kill other players' characters and collect their cash, and rob the ATMs and main "Target" – the big armored van, guarded by the elite forces NPCs. The player with the most amount of money among remaining at the end of the match – the "Most Valuable Gang" or "MVG" – wins.

A player can choose one of playable characters – "Gangs" (10 in the base game) belonging to one of four types: Assault, Sprinter, Tank, and Hunter. Each gang has their own set of stats and can be further customized with upgradable ability cards – "Bullets", which provide status bonuses and special actions, set of 4 cards can be used in a battle. Bullets of varying rarity can be obtained via gacha system.

Gangs can be also customized visually using costume elements.

Devil May Cry 5 collaboration[]

The collaboration was announced on December 10, 2020[2], with furter details revealed during the official Youtube channel stream on 13th, which featured a message from Hideaki Itsuno and Matt Walker.[3] The collaboration itself takes place during December 17, 2020–January 6, 2021.

Collaboration includes a new playable gang – Dante, DMC5-inspired costumes for existing gangs, 6 new bullets (3 UR, 3 SR), increased bullet gacha drop (UR x2 times, SR x1.5 times), login bonuses, etc.[4]



Dante in DMC5 colors

Dante is an Assault type gang, he has a high attack power, but slow movement.

His main "Aim" attack is with his twin pistols Ebony & Ivory. While attack range is relatively small, it does not require reloading, besides Dante possesses an ability called "Stylish", which improves the shooting performance with continuous hits. With each Aim attack successfully landed at enemies the Stylish gauge (located under the cursor) increases, it starts with rank B, when reaching A the attack gets higher fire rate (indicated by the Charge Shot effect), at S (the highest rank) – Attack and Robbery power increases (indicated by the Honeycomb Fire effect). The rank however will drop when not hitting an enemy.

Dante's Gang Action is the Rebellion Combo. If the enemy is away from him, the combo starts with Stinger, then it continues similarly to DMC4–⁠5 Rebellion Combo B –⁠ with wide round slashes, followed by a series of stabs stunning enemies finishing with powerful thrust knocking them back. Combo can be cancelled with movement. If it doesn't hit an enemy the combo stops.

His Gang Skill is the Judgement – he summons the Devil Sword Dante to transform into True Devil, then performs a series of slashes damaging everything in a medium range (indicated by the glyph on the floor) and finishes with a large burst. During slashes enemies without the damage guard ability equipped will be drawn towards Dante, and burst will knock enemies back.

Dante is voiced by Toshiyuki Morikawa, his character song is Subhuman.

He has three costumes to choose from: "Original Color A" (his standart DMC5 color scheme), "Original Color B" (DMC5 EX color scheme), and "Original Color C" (DMC1 color scheme).

Character stats[5]
Attack: 3
Life: 3
Move: 1
Gang Action: 2
Robbery: 2
Attack range
Control difficulty
Balance (2/3)
Gang Skill – Judgement
Attack: Super Large
Robbery: Small
Gauge consumption: 70
Gang Action – Rebellion Combo
Attack: Medium
Gauge consumption: 100

Gang costumes[]

Electra (エレクトラ, Electra?) – Trish costume elements and Luce & Ombra guns design.

Alicia (ありしあ, Alicia?) - Nero costume elements, Overture right hand and Red Queen sword design.

Majestic Rose (マジェスティック・ローズ, Majestic Rose?) - Lady costume and Kalina Ann gun design.

Nemo Maranzano (ネモ・マランツァーノ, Nemo Maranzano?) - V costume elements and Cane design.

Nemo, M

Collab bullets[]

Bullet stats[6]
UR "The legendary Devil Hunter" Dante (【最強の悪魔狩人】ダンテ, "The legendary Devil Hunter" Dante?)
Status bonus: Move +1.04% (lv.1)
Skill effect: Chase bonus – Increases the dash to the target speed (30%)
Effect duration: 20s
Cool time: 50s
Bullet lock: Medium
UR "The young Devil Hunter" Nero (【若きデビルハンター】ネロ, "The young Devil Hunter" Nero?)
Status bonus: Gang Action +6.24% (lv.1)
Skill effect: Guard break – For a period of time Aim attacks ignore the guard
Effect duration: 14s
Cool time: 40s
Bullet lock: Short
UR "The mysterious one who controls three demonic beasts" V (【三体の魔獣を使役する謎の男】V, "The mysterious one who controls three demonic beasts" V?)
Status bonus: Attack +10.41% (lv.1)
Skill effect: Health recovery – Instantly recovers health (90%)
Effect duration: 1s
Cool time: 50s
Bullet lock: Medium
SR "Artisan of arms craft" Nico (【武器製作の芸術家】ニコ, "Artisan of arms craft" Nico?)
Status bonus: Life +7.02% (lv.1)
Skill effect: Stun bomb – Stuns surrounding opponents and inhibits all actions (1.5s)
Effect duration: 1s
Cool time: 70s
Bullet lock: Long
SR "Beautiful blonde demon" Trish (【美しきブロンドの悪魔】トリッシュ, "Beautiful blonde demon" Trish?)
Status bonus: Robbery +7.04% (lv.1)
Skill effect: Wide collection area – Increases the money collecting range
Effect duration: 3s
Cool time: 40s
Bullet lock: None
SR "Devil Hunter with high-powered heavy weaponry" Lady (【高威力の重火器を操るデビルハンター】レディ, "Devil Hunter with high-powered heavy weaponry" Lady?)
Status bonus: Attack +7.04% (lv.1)
Skill effect: Paint bomb – Puts surrounding opponents in the painted state, making them visible for all players (20s)
Effect duration: 1s
Cool time: 70s
Bullet lock: Long


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