Abigail was a powerful demon formerly employed by Alan Lowell.[1] He appears as the final antagonist in the last episode of Devil May Cry: The Animated Series.


Abigail is a gargantuan demon with a golden armor-like body with an iridescent aura that covers him completely. His face resembles a skull with "closed" eye sockets. He has many fuchsia lines around his body which further accentuate his armor pieces.


Little is known of Abigail's personality. He was known to be the only demon which Alan Lowell couldn't control in his summoning, suggesting a rebellious personality, and was considered dangerous enough for the sorcerer to seal him and his power.[1]



Abigail was once a demon employed by the sorcerer, Alan Lowell, who summoned demons. However, Abigail proved to be the only demon he couldn't control and was infamous throughout the Demon World. In order to prevent his power from being used, Alan constructed a barrier to seal away his power. The result was the amulet: Alan's Tear. Alan would then successfully seal away Abigail's power as a demon.[1]

Devil May Cry: The Animated SeriesEdit

Abigail's power is later transferred to a lesser demon, Sid, who then wreaks havoc with the intent on taking over both the demon world and the human world. However, he is promptly stopped by Dante, who then proved strong enough to take Abigail from Sid and destroys him with ease.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Abigail was considered a demon with power that rivals a demon king. He could create lesser demons to do his bidding. When Sid adopted his power, his strength was such that he could shatter buildings with a single strike and knocked-out Dante off-guard on one occasion (though Dante confirms he underestimated him). He could produce spikes out of his arms to impale his opponents and showcased regeneration even after being reduced to a blood puddle.


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