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Aerial Rave is a mid-air attack combo that can be used by various melee weapons in the Devil May Cry series. Any hit before the last one in the combo can be Jump Canceled as the final hit causes the enemy to fly away from the player.

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's AwakeningEdit


Aerial Rave is a Swordmaster Style aerial move that consists of four quick broad slashes, the final hit knocking the enemy back.

Yamato (Special Edition)Edit

Aerial Rave is Yamato's only midair attack. Its first stike is a quick double slash before Vergil knocks the enemy back with a powerful swing from Yamato.

Devil May Cry 4Edit


Under Rebellion's Swordmaster moveset, Aerial Rave makes a comeback with a slightly newer animation that adds a spin after Dante's last swing. It is a four hit combo that knocks the enemy back on the final hit.



While using Dark Slayer, Dante can use Aerial Rave V with Yamato. It is identical to Vergil's in the previous game and carries the same properties. The second hit knocks the enemy back.

Vergil (Special Edition)Edit

Aerial Rave A is the basic midair combo Vergil can use. It is a three hit combo that, like most Aerial Raves, will knock back the enemy on the last strike.

Aerial Rave B is a midair pause combo that is very similar to Nero's attack Roulette Spin. The third hit is creates a whirlwind of slashes and sheath strikes that propels the Vergil upwards and gains more height. Unlike most Aerial Raves, the final hit of Aerial Rave B throws the enemy downward into the ground.

Sparda (Special Edition)Edit

Trish can use Sparda to perform an Aerial Rave identical to Dante's with Rebellion. It is a four hit combo that knocks enemies back.

DmC: Devil May CryEdit

Rebellion (DmC)Edit

Aerial Rave is a quick four-attack chain move, slashing an enemy three times, before sending it away with an upward hit. The final hit will knock the enemy up a little bit on the way back.

Yamato (DmC) (Vergil's Downfall)Edit

Aerial Rave is the midair combo Vergil can use with Yamato. It is a three hit combo that will knock back the enemy on the last strike. The final strike also knocks the enemy a little bit higher into the air as it flies back.

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