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Maeshima Ami

Ami Maeshima

Ami Maeshima (前島 亜美, Maeshima Ami?) is an Japanese actress and singer. She is a former member and leader of an idol group, SUPER☆GiRLS. She had been in the group since their formation in 2010. Maeshima graduated on March 31, 2017 from SUPER GiRLS and iDOL Street. She began her debut as a voice actress with the smartphone rhythm game BanG Dream! Girls Band Party as Aya Maruyama.

Role in the Devil May Cry series[]

Maeshima has been chosen as the role of Eris in Devil May Cry The Live Hacker.

Other Roles[]

She is well known for her roles in Sprout (2012), The Scream Land (2013) and Tsuri Deka 3 (2012).