This article details the concept of angels from the classic Devil May Cry series. To see the reboot's concept of angels, please visit "Angel (DmC)".
DMC3 Manga - Vergil looking at an angellic statue
Habitat(s) Earth
Status Unknown
Real World Data
First Appearance Devil May Cry 3 (manga) (mentioned)

Angels are a relatively unknown race of beings whom were once related with demons.[1]


According to Vergil's comments, It is suggested that angels and demons alike were once related but later split, though how remains unknown.[2]


Angels are known to have certain physical qualities such as wings and were seen to have possess a high degree of apparent beauty.[3] Their wings, when in crystallized form like that of a Wing Talisman, can stimulate a divine response.[4]


In the Abrahamic religions, angels are spiritual beings who serve God and carry out his will, and are often described as his children. Most demons (ex. Leviathan, Beelzebub, and Lucifer) are said to have been high ranking angels prior to their falls from grace.

Angelic hybrids are also known as Nephilim. In the book of Genesis, the Nephilim were a race of powerful angel-human hybrids, said to be giants, and the "heroes of old". In the Book of Jubilees, however, they are seen as evil entities. Seeing the creatures as a threat to humanity, God released a flood which destroyed the Nephilim. They were born when fallen angels consorted with human women.


  • The angelic statue witnessed by Vergil in the Devil May Cry 3 manga was argued to be an angel by Arkham while Vergil claimed that it was demon.


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