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DMC3 Manga - Vergil looking at an angellic statue

A sealed, angelic demon from the Devil May Cry 3 manga.

Angels are a mythical race mentioned multiple times throughout Devil May Cry series.

“Angels” are wrongly perceived by humans to be of some divine origin when in all actuality they are just another part of the Demon World.[1]

In Devil May Cry series[]

In Devil May Cry, statue of an angel can be found in the fountain courtyard. If you examine it, it is said to be the "Guardian of a god".

In Devil May Cry 3 manga, it is suggested that demons were once angels, though why that changed is left unexplained.[2] The Devil May Cry 3 Library description of The Fallen seems to confirm this theory.[3] They are also said to have possessed a high degree of apparent beauty.[4]

It is in fact of note that several entities in the Devil May Cry universe took on an angelic appearance even if they are clearly stated to be demons: The Seven Sins, the demons the conversation in the manga is centered around; the already mentioned Fallen; and one of the kings of Demon World, Mundus, are the most obvious examples.

In Devil May Cry 4, some of the Holy Knights of the Order of the Sword had undergone the so-called Ascension Ceremony, under the promise of being turned into angels. However, as Nero points out, all that this has done is turn them into demons that, at best, superficially resemble angels.

Devil May Cry 4 also features an item, called Wing Talisman, which is said to contain a "crystallized angel wing", and able to "stimulate a divine response in specific equipment".[5]

Of note is that in several games there are demons sharing the title of "Angelo" (Ita: "angel"). They can be roughly separated in two groups, although they are all related to each other:

  • The first group are directly related to Nelo Angelo, the form Vergil had while in servitude to Mundus. Devil May Cry 5 introduces Scudo Angelo and Proto Angelo, said to be mass produced versions of the original,[6][7] and Cavaliere Angelo being one of the more advanced results of such attempts.[8] Nico mentions a theory that all those demons were created by transubstantiating an unwilling human victim into demon flesh.
  • The products of Agnus' research on the "Black Angel" (Nelo Angelo) in Devil May Cry 4: Bianco, Alto Angelos, and Angelo forms of Credo and himself. While Bianco Angelos are said to be mere empty armors possessed by a demon or human soul,[9] the rest on this list are humans who underwent Ascension Ceremony.[10][11][12]



In the Abrahamic religions, angels are spiritual beings who serve God and carry out his will, and are often described as his children. Most demons (ex. Leviathan, Beelzebub, Asmodeus, and Lucifer) are said to have been high ranking angels prior to their falls from grace.


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