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Dante with Angels

Angels are a supernatural species at war with demons. Although other angels are implied to exist, only Eva is mentioned throughout the events of DmC: Devil May Cry.


Very little is known about angels. Obviously, they had enough power to battle the hordes of Hell, but virtually nothing else is mentioned. Even the appearance of wings seems debatable: while in all art depicting angels or Eva in particular they are shown to have wings, when Vergil encounters Eva in Hell she does not have any.

A product of union between a demon and an angel is known as a Nephilim.

List of known angels[]

Full-blood angels
Half-blood angels (Nephilim)


In the Abrahamic religions, angels are spiritual beings who serve God and carry out his will, and are often described as his children. Most demons (ex. Leviathan, Beelzebub, and Lucifer) are said to have been high ranking angels prior to their falls from grace.

Angelic hybrids are also known as Nephilim. In the book of Genesis, the Nephilim were a race of powerful angel-human hybrids, said to be giants, and the "heroes of old". In the Book of Jubilees, however, they are seen as evil entities. Seeing the creatures as a threat to humanity, God released a flood which destroyed the Nephilim. They were born when fallen angels consorted with human women.