The Aquila is an Angelic form of the Rebellion in DmC: Devil May Cry. They are a set of shuriken-like blades that emit energy waves during attacks, and greatly increases Dante's attack speed. Dante acquires them after defeating Bob Barbas.


Aquila resembles a pair of large, three-pointed cyclone blades with curved edges, held in each hand. As an angel weapon, they have a light blue tint. This is one of the few weapons that holds little resemblance to the Rebellion.


The Aquila weapons are spun in the hands, and thrown around while releasing blue waves of energy when used, attacking enemies from a safe distance. Like the Osiris, they are great for dealing with multiple opponents, the weapon is also great for pulling in enemies.

Acquiring the Aquila rewards the player with the No talking! award.


As an Angel-class weapon, use of the Aquila is done through holdingB l2/Bx lt in tandem with the other face buttons. It is equipped with Left on the Directional Pad. On the PC, Aquila is equipped through scrolling up with the mouse.

Action Command (PS3) Command (Xbox 360) Command (PC) Description
Killer B l2 +B tB tB tB t Bx lt +Bx yBx yBx yBx y PC Q key + PC lclick PC lclick PC lclick PC lclick A storm of thrown blades that slices, and hurts enemies surrounding Dante

Level 2: Increased combo range

Buy In B l2 +B tB tB t Bx lt +Bx yBx yBx y PC Q key + PC lclick PC lclickPC lclick Yank surrounding enemies towards Dante, positioning them for follow-up attacks

Level 2: More enemies can be pulled in

Deft-Swap B l2 +B tB t — (Change Weapon)B t Bx lt +Bx yBx y — (Change Weapon)Bx y PC Q key + PC lclick PC lclick — (Change Weapon)PC lclick Two deft hits followed by a alternative delay combo
Big Slick B l2 + Forward*, ForwardB t Bx lt + Forward, ForwardBx y PC Q key + Forward, Forward PC lclick Focus an aerial target, and leap up towards them. Grounded targets in front of Dante are also dragged up.

Level 2: Increased range

Round Trip B l2 +B c (Hold and Release) Bx lt +Bx b (Hold and Release) PC Q key + PC F key (Hold and Release) Send forth a spinning blade that traps enemies caught within it. (HoldB c/Bx b/PC F key to charge the attack for a bigger blade, and increased lifetime). Can be Just charged

Level 2: Increased blade lifetime

Tornado B l2+B t (Hold and Release) Bx lt+Bx y (Hold and Release) PC Q key + PC lclick Slice through enemies as Dante whips forward in a spinning tornado

Level 2: Can be maintained for longer when holdingB t/Bx y/PC lclick

Skirmish B l2 +B tB t (Midair) Bx lt +Bx yBx y (Midair) PC Q key + PC lclick PC lclick (Midair) Effortlessly juggle groups of airborne enemies

Level 2: Increased combo range

Aerial Buy In B l2 +B tB tB t (Midair) Bx lt +Bx yBx yBx y (Midair) PC Q key + PC lclick PC lclickPC lclick (Midair) Snatch surrounding enemies, and yank them into the air towards Dante

Level 2: More enemies can be pulled in

Caliber B l2 +B c (Midair) Bx lt +Bx b (Midair) PC Q key + PC F key (Midair) A swift aerial dash towards a focused target

Level 2: Increased dash range


Aquila was a Christian missionary, along with his wife Priscilla, written in the New Testament. The couple followed the Apostle Paul, becoming some of his closest friends and coworkers. Aquila and Priscilla are often cited as being responsible for strengthening the Christian faith early on in its development.

Aquila is also a constellation in the northern sky, and is Latin for "eagle," the constellation itself representing one that would carry Zeus his Lightning Bolts in mythology.

Interestingly, the weapon is referred to as "Yashichi" in the games files; much like Aquila, the Yashichi somewhat resembles a shuriken, and is a recurring motif in several Capcom games, often appearing as an emblem, power-up or weapon. Thusly, it is reasonable to assume that such a reference was planned for DmC before the name was changed.

The achievement associated with acquiring Aquila titled "No talking!" is a reference to the line from Devil May Cry 3, when Dante acquires the dual blades Agni and Rudra. Finding the weapon irritating due to the pair's incessant comments, he makes a deal to use them in combat only as long as they don't speak.

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