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The Balrog is one of Dante's Devil Arms in Devil May Cry 5.[1]

Appearance and Description

Balrog is a set of gauntlets, grieves, and shoulder pads (Blow Mode only) created with the sealed power of the king of Fire Hell.[2]

All of Balrog's components look to be made of magma and expel heat and flames upon striking.


The Balrog has two different modes, a Kick Mode and a Blow Mode. Kick Mode lets Dante perform powerful kicks to enemies while Blow Mode focuses on punching and allows him to execute short dodges.


  • The name of the weapon is a reference to Balrog, a character in the Street Fighter series.[3]


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    Kick Mode unleashes powerful kicks, while Blow Mode allows for nimble maneuvers. Make use of either mode to crush demons with ease.
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