Bangle of Time

The Bangle of Time.

The Bangle of Time (時の腕輪 Toki no Udewa?) is a Key Item in Devil May Cry. It is a skeleton-motif bangle which allows Dante to stop time for nearby enemies by consuming his DT runes.[1] Phantom, Griffon, Nelo Angelo (only in Mission 17), Nightmare and Mundus are immune to its effects.

How to ObtainEdit

Unlike most Key Items, which are acquired as part of a mission to continue with the story, the Bangle of Time is obtained by completing Secret Mission 12: Hidden Bangle. It is not necessary to obtain the Bangle of Time to proceed with the game.


Devil May CryEdit

Action Command Description
Unnamed B l1 Dante activates the Bangle of Time, freezing time for all minor enemies near him.

Other AppearancesEdit

Bayonetta - Bracelet of Time

The Bracelet of Time from the Bayonetta franchise.

  • In Bayonetta, the Bracelet of Time accessory is at one point called the "Bangle of Time". It is also stated that it was created by a witch named Eva who "entered into contract with a legendary dark knight". The Bracelet acts much in the same way as the Bangle, temporarily stopping time in trade for magical power. Visually, there are only slight differences, however the overall look remains the same.
  • In Viewtiful Joe, Dante mistakes the V-Watch for the Bangle of Time.

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  1. Devil May Cry, Items — Bangle of Time: "A mysterious wrist band that has the power to stop time."