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Bathos and Pathos are flying enemies in DmC: Devil May Cry. To make up for their small vitality, they sometimes carry a shield that must be removed first in order for them to be damaged.


Bathos are golden, putto-like demons that constantly hover in the air. Their abdomen is an open cavity filled with fire, which they shoot explosive charges from. Their bombs can be deflected back at them, making short work of them, otherwise, the bombs will explode moments after hitting the ground. The ensuing blast can also damage other demons caught in it. Especially on higher difficulties, Bathos will often carry shields. Earlier versions of their concept referred to them as "Stingers".

Pathos are similar to Bathos but have ivory bodies and green wings. They specialize in long-range attacks from the air using a crossbow that shoots balls of fire. Like the Bathos, they can also carry a small shield that deflects attacks, which will need to be torn from their arm before Dante can deal damage.


"Pathos" means compassion, sympathy, or pity, while "Bathos" means something ordinary in what is supposed to be extraordinary, an anticlimax often used for comedic effect. It also means "insincere pathos", which befits it's image as a more demonic version of the angelic Pathos.