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A demon; it possessed the Order's armor, that's not a good sign...
—Nero, after defeating the first Bianco Angelo, Devil May Cry 4

Bianco Angelos are artificial demons used by the Order of the Sword and are some of the enemies encountered throughout Devil May Cry 4 and its Special Edition.


Devil May Cry 4[]

When first encountered, the Library refers to them as "White Armor". The name is changed to Bianco Angelo later in the game.

Library - Enemy - Lesser demons
Bianco Angelo
A man-made soldier made from the fragment of a demon known as the "dark angel". Filled with either a human or demonic soul, it carries out its master’s orders with mechanical precision.


Devil May Cry 4[]

So much for friendly banter!
Nero, realizing Bianco Angelo is an enemy, Devil May Cry 4
Nero cathes Bianco Angelo's lance

Nero catches Bianco Angelo's lance

The Bianco Angelo is first introduced within the Fortuna Castle Library, where Nero initially believes it to be an ally until it attacks.[1] They are used by Sanctus as foot-soldiers after his Ascension Ceremony. After awakening The Savior, Sanctus has demons released from the true Hell Gate, and then sends the Angelos and The Savior to slay them in order to prove their propaganda to the townspeople.


Wearing armor bearing the crest of the Order of the Sword and made from fragments of Nelo Angelo,[2] Bianco Angelo's hollow shells are animated by the souls of humans and demons that have been captured by their creator, Agnus.[3] The Bianco Angelo have no real self and follow the Order's commands with "mechanical precision".[4]


Bianco Angelos have a variety of attacks:

  • Their main attack is lance charge: they charge up their lance (three times), blue smoke can be seen coming out of it and then they rush at you. They are vulnerable through the duration of the charge. They can also perform this attack in mid-air.
  • Their second attack is lance stab: they prepare to attack for a brief moment and then stab with their lance. Has a high attack range.
  • Their third attack is combo attack: they bash with their shield and then make a lance stab.
  • Their forth attack is upward stab: if are in mid-air and close to them, they will make an upward stab to reach you with it.
  • Their another attack is counterattack: if attacked from the front, they will raise their shield. If you attack the shield with melee attack two times, you will stagger and then Bianco Angelo is going to perform a combo attack (look above).
  • If you stand behind Bianco Angelo and do not attack it, it will then make a 180-degree spin and swing its shield, damaging in 180-degree arc.


Bianco Angelos have a "life core" on their neck, chest and back depicting how much life the Angelo has. It starts out with blue signifying that the Angelo has full health. When the Angelo is damaged, it slowly changes color. When it starts blinking red, the Angelo is nearing death and will be shattered in the next hits.

Bianco Angelos are easily outmatched by Nero's Charged Shots and Dante's Devil Trigger. When they guard, their backs are vulnerable as well. Do not keep attacking their shields with melee attacks as they immediately counterattack. If their shields are destroyed, they are stunned and completely vulnerable to any attack other than normal gunfire. When they charge toward you in the air, it is possible to attack them in the air and, if timed well, this will do quite amount of damage to them. Using the Buster on them when they're vulnerable will cause Nero to wrest the lance away from them, impale them and charge it up by stabbing them before blowing them away with a huge attack.


In addition to their enhanced durability, speed and strength, the Bianco Angelo carry a lance with a throttle system similar to the Red Queen, and a shield that it can transform into wings, which will allow it to fly. They are fierce combatants and prove to be somewhat less competent than experienced Devil Hunters like Nero, Lady, Trish and Dante. They were also competent enough to quickly wipe out hordes of demonic legions which came to Fortune through the Hell Gate.

They also seem to possess human levels of sentience and intelligence, as they are capable of recognizing their allies, superiors and enemies as well as follow orders from their superiors in combat. During Nero's first encounter with a Bianco Angelo at the library within Fortuna Castle, the Bianco Angelo initially presented itself as an agent of the Order. The Bianco Angelo did this to get Nero to drop his guard and attack him from behind, even though Nero never fell for that trick.



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