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Block Cancel is a useful technique in Devil May Cry 3 and Devil May Cry 4 for Dante. It allows him to increase his attack rate by interrupting the extra attack animation time with Block (Royalguard Style), replacing the unnecessary frames with a quick move which then leads into a new attack.


Virtually any move can be canceled with any other. However, the Block is the quickest move in both games and so offers the best efficiency in battles.

When Dante attacks with his Devil Arms or Firearms, they always leave some frames to complete the animation (e.g. sheathing the sword). Using a block will remove these frames, replacing them with a very quick move and therefore increasing attack speed drastically. This not only greatly increases damage per second, but also ramps up the Stylish Rank and gives momentums to avoid life-threatening situations, though in such situations, a simple jump would cancel the attack.

Any ground attack can be canceled (in mid-air this becomes difficult to interpret), finished or not. But the best time to cancel is in the middle or at the end of an attack (e.g. second attack of Rebellion Combo) as it deals the highest possible damage per second.

Stinger Rush[]

In speedrunning, or just out of the need to beat the level in time, Stinger is the fastest means of moving. By canceling the sheathing time when you aren't able to use Stinger consecutively, Dante is able to run through rooms in seconds.