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TooVile TooVile 4 December 2020

DMC world's rules on power levels

  • 1 DMC World's Rules on Power Levels
    • 1.1 1. Source or reserve of raw demonic power
    • 1.2 2. The good side of human nature.
    • 1.3 The relationship between the two factors above
    • 1.4 Conclusion

Over the course of 5 games, an anime, novellas, manga's and so on, I conclude that lore-wise, the power level of a character in the DMC universe is determined by two factors:

Depending on the individual demon in question, demonic power can come in various forms which I'll categorize into two main categories:

  1. Superhuman physical traits
    • Physical strength
    • Durability (defense)
    • Endurance/stamina
    • Agility
    • Movement speed
    • Reaction speed
    • Recovery (regeneration) speed
  2. Magic
    • Elemental magic
      • Fire
      • Ice
      • Lightning
      • Wind
      • Light
      • Shadow
    • Time magic (unless you consider time as elemental)
    • Magic that boosts the…

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Flia Flia 2 September 2020

uBlock Origin filters stash

Since the original was moved and I almost lost the list. Smol edits to the site's layout, mostly to remove unnecessary clutter. There are some differences between this list and the version linked, mostly the absence of profile video filters, since it looks like they were finally deleted?

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Bmwfan2015 Bmwfan2015 4 May 2020

A rival idea for Nero in a Devil May Cry 6?

Nero needs a rival in the next game since he's now in charge of looking after things in the Human World in Dante's stead.

Take God Hand for inspiration. Nero like Gene with the god Hand yet all human lacking demonic blood due to his half-breed father. His rival should be someone like Azel, Allen Wakler & Liquid Ocelot who's human and had a demon arm surgically placed on him due to either being handicapped, an accident or due to an incident that cost him his human arm.

He can be a good rival & partner for Nero in the DMC mobile branch.

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Phantomjerad Phantomjerad 29 April 2020

Devil May Cry 6

Will there be a Devil may Cry 6 Will Dante be in it or Perhaps Nero ?

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Reigenz Reigenz 9 June 2019

Advice on how to beat Goliath?

Hey guys, well, i've been having trouble in DMC 5 beating Goliath, i was at a internet cafe and i had to go, but i was stuck and i couldn't figure out how to beat him, may you help me? Thanks.

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ElleWithNoi ElleWithNoi 26 April 2019

Why I Love DMC 5 !

I'm sure that we can all agree that DMC 5 is an excellent game overall, thus we are on this wiki having conversations and discussing it so often (as well as the other games in the series of course) since its pretty new still.

One thing that I love about the DMC ( and I think that this can be applied to most good video games thus the reason they are popular) is that it means something else to every person, cheesy I know but true.

But you have to agree with me certain video games mean more to other people than others.

That is the reason that we might prefer it, whether its because we can have a deeper appreciation for the character design because we are artist or do freelance artwork or because we appreciate the way the game plays through how i…

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ElleWithNoi ElleWithNoi 25 April 2019

How about V?

Hey everyone,

I just joined this wiki and so far I have found it really interesting, I've been interested in the DMC series for a while now.

it is one of my favorite games and i have made so many friends from playing the game some of which are my best friends to this day and we still enjoy playing and talking about DMC.

Overall i love DMC 5 i think it's an excellent game the character development, the battles, the storyline, the graphics and everything in between is amazing, however, I keep getting asked the question about which characters I liked in this part of the franchise and of course there are the obvious choices of characters like, Nero who was great in this game and Dante who... well duh! (Dante is bae) but... How about V?

I really li…

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Davidhater Davidhater 17 April 2019

On Devil triggers, Devil modes and Devil forms

I think articles Majin Form, Perfect Devil Trigger and Sin Devil Trigger should be merged, either to one article or to Devil Trigger article (which is bloated enough imo). Here's my reasoning:

So, one of the signature DMC series features is Devil Trigger (デビルトリガー debirutorigā), the ability to use demonic powers, main of which is the ability to transform to Devil Form (魔人 majin). The amount of DT powers is measured by synonymous gauge and it's activated by synonymous button.

Devil (demon) form (魔人 majin or 魔人化 majin-ka) is a demonic appearance (of someone or something that has other appearance), this term has been used in japanese versions since DMC1, notwithstanding the change of majin concept from Devil Arm-based in DMC1 to character-based in DMC2 onw…

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Meshifuari Arimota Meshifuari Arimota 4 April 2019

We have reached 1000 pages!

We've reached 1000 pages!

It took a long time... This wiki was created in 2006 by the user known as The One Sin... Who is no longer with us (dont worry he's alive.. I think) on the wiki. Then his friend Cato Neimoidia started updating the pages... User known as NeloAngelo also came with the help... Soon other users started developing the wiki, one of them was known as KrytenKoro... 

KrytenKoro is still sometimes... checking this wiki btw.

So yea... with the unnecessary introduction... I just wanted to thank all of you guys/gals/devil hunters. 

I want to thank all of the people..  People who once edited this wiki in the past, those who are editing it now and those who will edit it in the future... When I will be gone.

Once again, thank all of yo…

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LegionZero LegionZero 3 April 2019

Admin Blog: Moveset Charts

Right now we have 2 ways of documenting commands for movesets.

The first way is to give each platform its own column

The 2nd method we have puts all the platform inputs in 1 column and labels each one.

I suggest we use the 2nd method. It is easier to edit(especially when working with tabbers), and is much more space efficient. We can create icons for each platform as well so take up less space. Thoughts admins? Users?

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LegionZero LegionZero 31 March 2019

Character Relationships

Are character relationships complex/rich enough that they need sections explaining them?

I believe most, if not all the information regarding them is adequately covered in either "Personality" or in the bios.

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LegionZero LegionZero 30 March 2019

Announcement: New character infiobox/infobox tweak

I am going to either create a new character infobox or tweak NewInfoCharacter infobox to re-incorporate the game1, game2, etc etc, like the weapon infobox currently does. I will also attempt to add these parameters for Familial relations, titles, and aliases. Some characters(looking at you Dante) have a gajillion titles and it makes the code a jumbled mess.

I originally removed the game# parameters because i was kind of a jackass and didnt know what i was really doing, believing them to be unnecessary and a hinderence, which they were due to an auto linking feature that broke certain text style inputs, but that will not be included this time around.

I also believed that simply adding a line break would skip to the next line that turned out t…

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Flia Flia 23 March 2019

DMC5 concept rips

Heyo! Just a heads up.

Courtesy of a kind redditor, I now have a load of concept art on my hands. I will slowly be adding them to Category:Devil_May_Cry_5_concept_art. While I will probably replace some of the older links in the respective galleries, please check it out as well and add those to the relevant pages: those are the highest quality images we can get right now, as far as I know.

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LegionZero LegionZero 20 March 2019


Due to some recent drama, any and all wiki editors must be logged in to make edits. Hopefully this will put an end to it. I may make the wiki open again sometime in the future.

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Callsign Castle Callsign Castle 12 March 2019


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Phantomjerad Phantomjerad 10 March 2019

Devil Sword Dante

how did Dante get the Devil sword Dante ?

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LegionZero LegionZero 7 March 2019


I have put restrictions on what I feel would be the most spoiler heavy pages until March 8th. I believed that the prior warnings were enough to avoid spoilers and I didnt want it to come to this but now i realize that leaving these pages open to editing is too "dangerous"

Only admins/Content moderators can edit the following pages:












Sparda (Devil Arm)

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LegionZero LegionZero 3 March 2019

ADMIN BLOG: Leaked content

There is to be no information or content added to the wiki that has not been offically released by Capcom for the public. Any edits contaning leaked info will be undone and users who constantly add leaked info will recieve bans of various time frames.

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LegionZero LegionZero 27 February 2019

Anyone Good With Twitter??

I need someone to search and verify this tweet. Im quite frankly not well versed in twitter and a google search was no good.

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LegionZero LegionZero 22 January 2019

Trish, Nero, and Lady's pages

Was there really so much content that they needed to be broken down into subpages??

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LegionZero LegionZero 2 January 2019

Minor anime characters

The wiki is being overinflated with full pages dedicated to minor characters with episode summaries for bios. There needs to be a massive revision of their info and the need to be put on a page of minor characters.

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Meshifuari Arimota Meshifuari Arimota 31 December 2018

Thank you for everything in the year 2018

Year 2018 was for DMC franchise a really good year... We've got DMC 5 trailer as well as few new members on this wiki.  I really want to thank all of you for allowing this wiki to grow...

I really want to thank LegionZero, Tlaqh, Akaza, KanameTousen, FxxkAraiz, Dante Demon Killah, MuraiMustDie, Munchvtec and many others for being a part of the DMC community. 

So Thank you for everything, let the year of 2019 be even better than 2018 ^^!

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Meshifuari Arimota Meshifuari Arimota 18 December 2018

Lets talk about V...

So yea... V. He's a very mysterious character with unknown origin and backstory. What we do know is that he can summon 3 demons to aid him in battle... What's funny is the fact that these demons are known as:

  • Shadow ,
  • Griffon ,
  • Nightmare 

which were the names of the Mundus servants and bosses in DMC 1.

Whats even funnier is the fact that V's face is shattering on a lot of the trailers..... 

We also know that Mundus was shattering in DMC when he was changing his forms. And the last thing being the fact that on the new trailer V stabbed Dante with Sparda..... 

So my question to you guys is, what do you think about V as of right now?

Ah yea also Dante's new DT form..... Your thoughts? 

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LegionZero LegionZero 8 November 2018

Who All Is Interested in Adding Categories??

Who is interested in adding Categories to weapons? We have to to discuss exactly what the catagories are that we will be using.

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SquidSpooks SquidSpooks 8 August 2018

Why is Morrison black in DMC5 but white in the anime?

This is a genuine thing I want to know, is it just a continuity error?

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LegionZero LegionZero 22 July 2018

Everything We Know about DMC5 So Far

  • 1 PLOT
  • 2 NERO
  • 3 NICO

DMC5 takes place several years after DMC4

  • DMC5 Official Website
  • Devil May Cry 5 - Gameplay and Interview With Hideaki Itsuno

DMC5 direct sequel to DMC4

  • Devil May Cry 5 - Gameplay and Interview With Hideaki Itsuno

DMC5 takes place after DMC2

  • Matt Walker's Twitter

Red Grave City is being invaded by demons.

  • E3 2018: Announcing Devil May Cry 5, coming to Xbox One, PS4 and PC in Spring 2019

The demon tree is at the epicenter of the attack. The demon tree is also the crux of DMC5’s story.

  • DMC5 Xbox E3 Live Interview (3:20)

The black guy in the beginning of the trailer is Morisson from the anime.

  • DMC5 Xbox E3 Live Interview (2:25)

The demon in the beginning of the trailer with the blue eye is 26 feet tall

  • DMC5 Xbox E3 Live Interview …

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LegionZero LegionZero 20 July 2018

Legion's To-Do List

Making this Blog as a way to keep myself more accountable and to let you all know what kind of plans I have for the wiki. If there is anything that you feel needs to be added to this list, please comment below and after some discussion and checking it may be added to the list.

Update all relevent Devil May Cry (novel) pages

  • Finish reading Novel
  • Merge Tony Redgrave and Dante's pages
  • Gilver
  • Grue
  • Nell Goldstein
  • Enzo Ferino

Create pages for alternate/Beastheads universe characters

  • Read DMC2 Novel
  • Dante
  • Vergil/Nelo Angelo
  • Eva
  • Sparda
  • Mundus
  • Frost
  • Phantom
  • Shadow
  • Griffon
  • Trish

Add epithets to Template:InfoCharacter and Template:InfoWeapon

  • revise all Title/Epithet sections

Work on True Demon Form Page

  • Remove/Revise info on Sin Devil Trigger page

Work on Demon Form page

  • Devil…
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ShinsukeNakamura ShinsukeNakamura 4 July 2018

Bang bang bang!

Pull my devil trigger

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Aurbis Aurbis 11 June 2018

DMC 5 Announcement

So.. What do you think about Devil May Cry 5? About new Nero? About new girl? About atmoshere(modern rather then gothic)? Does it take place after DMC 2(why not?) Reminds Bayonetta? Have you heard new (disappointing) Nero's battle theme?

P.S. Sorry for possible grammar mistakes

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Meshifuari Arimota Meshifuari Arimota 4 June 2018

Devil May Cry V

It's been about 10 years since we've got continuation of the adventures of our fellow demon-hunter Dante.   The long wait has been compeletly turned into regret when DmC came in... and almost killed the franchise. Or that's what I thought was happening.

There was a lot of leaks about DMC V in the past, but not a single confirmation of it being the truth. And so, starting from the incident in which GameWare listed DMC V as the game you can preorder, the meeting of Dante/Vergil voice actors with Hideaki Itsuno (Creator of DMC2/3/4) and ending on this info about DMC V domain being made, I have a huge hopes about DMC V coming out. 

Those hopes arent strictly related to having another game in which I can kick some demon asses, no, I hope that DMC…

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LegionZero LegionZero 24 May 2018


With some help from someone on the Fandom Community Central, tabs should be working in a little bit. I have made some changes and while in the wiki's test mode the tabs were working perfectly. We just have to wait for the changes to be approved!

In other news, I will be continuing to add/update character Powers and Abilities sections with the new format with references.

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LegionZero LegionZero 1 February 2018

DMC HD Collection for PS4/XBONE/PC will be garbage.

As much as i love DMC, i feel this has to be said. The new Devil May Cry Collection is garbage, and here is why:

1) No real graphical improvement: the games will be retextured but the polygon count will stay pretty much the same as before and on current gen consoles will look like a blocky mess. There isnt even 4K support, which is a standard in game dev now. The collection wont even be up to industry standards. The menus will remain in 4:3 ratio and the CG cutscenes will not be revamped, and will look just as bad on an HD screen as they did in the original HD Collection.

2) No new story content: None of the games will have additional cutscenes. These could/should include DMC1: Possible Yamato destruction. DMC2: god knows this game needs bet…

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Aaronshadow577 Aaronshadow577 18 January 2018

Devil may cry 5 and Devil may cry pinnacle of combat (DMC3 reboot maybe)

ok so. my first time making a post,but nvm that.

you guys think devil may cry pinnacle of combat is dmc5? im not into mobile games and i doubt this is dmc5

i doubt capcom whould remake dmc3 into a mobile game i dont belive thats dmc5.

there are videos on youtube talking about dmc5 and the guy leaking info about it

what you guys think? leave a reply and tnx for read and sharing your thougt in this post🙂

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PerroSafari PerroSafari 29 December 2017

Devil May Cry : Pinnacle of Combat, a new chinese mobile game in development


Yunchang Game, a chinese games studio and publisher, is working on a new DMC mobile game for the chinese market which would be called "Devil May Cry: War of the Peak" or "Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat" (definitely not sure of the translation as it is originally in chinese).

It seems to be a remake of DMC3SE as both Dante and Vergil are playable and are in their DMC3 outfits.

For more information:

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Devilmaycry01 Devilmaycry01 10 December 2017

HD Collection is back!

Hey Guys,

just a quick post to spread the joy and thoughts.... it looks like its confirmed for March of 2018 that the HD collection will be making its way into the next gen consoles....and PC(hopefully we can play dmc 3 with good controls) I hope this is a way of the series staying relevant and hope we get a new game soon......

here is the full article to read more, but more will be revealed with time.

Share your thoughts :)


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Landekar Landekar 24 May 2017

I am terrible.

Can anyone tell me, how can I delete my own images? I've accidentaly uploaded a duplicate. How do I get rid of it?

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Landekar Landekar 23 April 2017

Trouble uploading images.

Can someone help me? I have trouble uploading images on wiki. I want to insert image screeshotted by ShareX, but I get following error: Error uploading file. Regardless of file extension (.png;.jpg) I can't upload images.

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 5 January 2017

Potential Devil May Cry 5 is Going to be Announced THIS YEAR!

Happy 2017 Everyone!

Well, besides of other new games that was already been announced last year that is going to be release at the following months this year. There's no news whether there's new game for our beloved series. Until the very last day of December, Hideaki Itsuno--director of Rival Schools, Power Stone and Devil May Cry--just announced on his twitter that he's going to announce a new game.

Although, it never explain what kind of game is it--either a new IP or a sequel to the three games that I've mentioned above--is up for speculation.

But, despite of this announcement, a lot of fans we're seeking for Devil May Cry 5 (not to be confused by the rebooted one). Including Hideki Kamiya--original director of the very first Devil May Cr…

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NeroDT NeroDT 16 December 2016


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RuRuben Madrid RuRuben Madrid 16 November 2016

Devil May Cry:Vergil And Dante,,Nero

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SuperMarioErenJaeger64 SuperMarioErenJaeger64 14 October 2016

Well... I'm enjoying this.

Quite nicely.

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 20 August 2016

Dante's Age from all of the DMC games has been revealed.

So here it is, a theory about Dante's personal age. Please do enjoy and also, live a comment about Dante's personal age.

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JayAaerow JayAaerow 25 May 2016

GIF Requesting

So I'm finally back and I'll actually be sticking around regularly. I apologize for my absence, although I tend to lurk for vandalizers just in case but anywho! During my absence, I learned how to make GIFs and I wanted to implement them onto this wikia. There's quite literally so many ways to do this. However, I know normal editors would like to have certain gifs made. So you can think of this as a request board for GIFs. To request a GIF, request in the following format:

  • Name of the File
  • Description of what it is you want shown
  • Youtube link if possible (NOTE: I've downloaded all of the cutscenes for all the games so no need to link me to it)
  • Page the file will be used on.
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Yojimbo1989 Yojimbo1989 20 March 2016

Is the anime canon?

I've read on the wiki that Kobayashi has confirmed that the anime is canon. Does anyone have links to a source that proves it?

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AJP27 AJP27 20 February 2016

Ten Writers/Directors I'd Like to see work on Future Games and Other Media.

Given that there hasn't been much activity on this Wikia's blog, I'd hope no one would mind me opining about what writers I'd believe that could make some entertaining storylines for games or adaptations:

  • Tim Burton: Given the Gothic aesthetic of his films, I'd say he'd be a good pick to collaborate either on videogame or some other adaptation. I'd certainly love it they could work in this line from Batman-1989 in somehow as some characters of a superstitious, cowardly lot describing Dante: "Every punk in this town is scared stiff. They say he can't be killed... They say he drinks blood".
  • Jim Butcher: As the author of the Dresden Files, which is about a wizard who works as a detective solving cases of a supernatural character involving anyth…
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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 6 February 2016

Is Capcom a Big Fan of "Power Rangers" Series?

This keeps buzzing me for a while now. What do you think? Do you think Capcom is a big fan of Power Rangers or they just did this because they were intended to do so.

As I search around so many profiles on their iMBD page, the likes of Daniel Southworth, Johnny Yong Bosch, and Reuben Langdon were involve in the Devil May Cry projects are also involve in the Power Rangers series coincidentally.

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 28 January 2016

How To Conclude The Whole Series of Devil May Cry?

Everything has it's end though... So that means, there's no such thing as "forever" as every thing has it's own beginning and it's own ending.

And Devil May Cry is one of them, because, well, why the f*** not? Devil May Cry is one of the best games I've ever played before since the dawn of the PS2 era. First game? Chronologically, it's Devil May Cry 3. Too bad I didn't play the original DMC1 because it's very rare here in the Philippines to buy that game.

So, as I think about the legacy of DMC series, from Sparda fighting against Mundus, to Vergil against Dante, and Nero against Dante. I mean, there's no such thing as "Happy Family Reunion" with out fighting, right? So, as I think about it, what if... Capcom decides to end the book? What do …

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Baluar Baluar 30 November 2015

Is this Wiki alive?

I haven't seen much activity around here, which surprises me, because there are Wikis that deal with far less known subjects with more life than this one. Which is pretty bad, because DMC is awesome (although we all knew that before, didn't we?).

How much people comes here regularly?

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Dante-Must-Die-Mode Dante-Must-Die-Mode 19 November 2015

Devil May Cry 5 Has been Confirmed in Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition?

Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is the latest game from CAPCOM that improves it's gameplay and it's content. It also features numerous modes and introducing new playable and returning characters in this game.

And for those who were itching for the next (legal, not the rebooted one) installment of Devil May Cry. Well, you might take a look at the "Heaven and Hell" Mode once you finish the game.

According to the and HyperBitHero's Twitter. There's a message that CAPCOM gave thanks for those who were playing Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, which is a little bit flattering because somehow you manage to defeat everything after hard times of restarting and dying and finishing every single difficulty. But, here's a catch. After…

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JoeStronger JoeStronger 14 October 2015


Is anyone else out there? There doesn't seem to be a lot of consistent users on this wiki...

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