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The Blood-goyle is a lesser demon that appears in Devil May Cry 3, and is created when blood touches certain enchanted statues. They are first encountered in Mission 5: Of devils and swords when Jester fills a fountain with blood, which animates the ornamental statues in it. The blood left behind after Dante knocks one into a wall forms the number 5.


Like the Enigma's, the Blood-goyles take the form of Gargoyle statues. They are a serpent-shaped bat with wings that are spiked and are silent. Thanks to the blood pouring from the stone (well at first appearance of the demons), the blood of an unknown host gave them the ability to function with life flowing in them. In the awakened form, the Blood-Goyles are coated in the blood and several small, circular jewels are glowing on their wings. Just like blood itself, the Blood-goyles split in half when hit with melee weapons, but modern-day weapons such as guns will actually cause them to temporarily revert into statues.[1] They can be found in both a regular and a "giant" size, which splits into regular Blood-goyles and is slightly slower.


Blood-goyles have only one attack:

Rush: they spin in one place several times and then rush at you.

This is not considered as an attack, however, sometimes, then will start increasing in size and eventually, split in two Blood-goyles.


Use the Spiral, Kalina Ann, or Artemis against Blood-goyles, as these weapons make it much easier to make them turn into stone. However, Ebony & Ivory are much more accurate. Cerberus's Crystal and Million Carats instantly turns blood-goyles into stone and preserves this form while hitting them.

After a little time they will revert to their liquid form. If you are away from them when they petrify, keep firing while you move towards them. The more you fire, the more they will remain petrified.

When they split, they start shrieking and swelling up. Use this as a warning to alert you that they are increasing in number. When they are about to attack, they start spinning in circles and dive towards you. If you can shoot them when they are spinning you can stop them from attacking.

As for the giant Blood-goyle, although it takes longer to defeat, there will only ever be one on the field at a time. This isn't true in Very Hard and above, however.

Petrified Blood-goyles suffer extra damage from fire, and thus Agni & Rudra will destroy them the fastest.

Appearances in Other Media[]

Devil May Cry 3 (manga)[]

DMC3 Dante Got to clean up the mess father left behind.

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The Blood-goyle is featured in its own card in the game, as part of the Core Card Pack. It is a purple unit card.

Development and background[]

Since the Blood-goyle started with the idea of turning the foot of the chalice into a demon, it was designed as a gargoyle with just one leg. But when the gargoyle was painted red they had to add hands to it because it looked like nothing but a shrimp otherwise.[2]


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