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The Bloody Palace is a game mode available in all Devil May Cry games except for the first, It is a single-elimination tournament that pits the player character against many groups of enemies and bosses, each on a lower floor, until they reach the end of the Palace.


Devil May Cry 2[]

In Devil May Cry 2, Bloody Palace becomes available in Mission Select menu after clearing Normal difficulty with both Dante and Lucia. This additional mode was intended for the player to master their skills and abilities as well as gain a large sum of Red Orbs.

The goal is to kill all the enemies on levels 1–9999 – enclosed spaces, similar to Secret Rooms. After completing a level the player is presented with three portals to choose from; empty portal advances one level, portal with white magic circle – ten levels and portal with green magic circle – 100 levels. The enemy groupings are semi-random for each run through the palace, with levels ending with 0 spawning bosses. Enemies on levels 1–100 use Normal difficulty settings, on levels 101–1000 – Hard, level 1001 and higher – Must Die. Highest level – 9999, is repeated indefinitely, making the player fight nearly every boss in the game. This mode ends only with death of the player character.

After that the Results screen appears. It shows the highest level reached, time spent, enemies killed, and amount of Red Orbs obtained during the run. The player is also presented with a bonus calculated as:

Amount of bonus Red Orbs = (highest level reached − 1) × 10.

Unlike later versions, there is no in-game reward for completing the palace aside from the achievements in the HD Collection and the Nintendo Switch version and the aforementioned Red Orbs.

Devil May Cry 3[]

The Bloody Palace mode was added in Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition, but was not present in the original release. It is unlocked after completing the game once. Completing the mode with either character unlocks the "Super Costume" for that character (this is an alternative way of unlocking the Super Costume, as opposed to completing the game on "Very Hard" mode). The Palace has 10000 levels (floors)—starting with 0 and ending with 9999, the final level being the final battle with Vergil—with an additional boss fight loaded for every ten floors visited. After passing one level, the player is given 3 portals to choose from:

1.The Water Portal - The Water Portal advances 1 level and grants a free Green Orb.

2.The Lightning Portal - The Lightning Portal advances 10 levels and gives a free White Orb.

3.The Fire Portal - The Fire Portal advances 100 levels with no free reward.

Local Co-op (Nintendo Switch version)[]

In the Nintendo Switch version of the game Bloody Palace has additional feature: local co-op play as Dante and Vergil. In this version Bloody Palace is unlocked after finishing intro mission of the game.

When selecting the BP mode player has the choice to play it solo or co-op. Then players would have to press L+R on their controllers for confirmation (single Joy-Con, double Joy-Con, and Pro Controllers are supported in any combination), and select an existing save data for the other player character. After that characters' current best results in BP are displayed and players can customize their controller setups for each character.

DMC3SE Nintendo Switch Bloody Palace Co-op players' interface

On the levels characters' game interfaces displayed separately—P1 on the left, P2 on the right—they share the Stylish gauge, however. On normal levels players share the screen with game camera zooming in and out to keep the characters in view. For boss fights though split screen is used—upper and lower halves of the screen for P1 and P2 respectively. If a player character dies on the level, they can still be revived on the next one provided the other one survives.[1]

Devil May Cry 4[]

In Devil May Cry 4, there are only 101 floors, with bosses fought on every twenty floors, culminating with Dante on the 101st floor. Unlike other incarnations of the palace, the enemy groupings are set, and the player can only travel one floor at a time. The player must also compete against a countdown timer. The player starts with 2 minutes and time bonuses are obtained by defeating the enemies, with more time being awarded by defeating them with higher stylish ranks. Completing a floor will also award additional time, with a bonus for clearing it without taking any damage.

Black Dante DMC4SE

If the player chooses to play as Dante, the Dante boss in the final floor will be completely black.

For Devil May Cry 4, the Bloody Palace can provide some interesting fights not available throughout the campaign, especially when you are playing as Dante. If playing as Dante, an all-black Dante will be fought on the 101st floor; this is considered by some to be the Doppelganger's cameo appearance in the game. Aside from the new black Dante boss fight, Bloody Palace allows the player to fight Angelo Agnus in his chambers, Bael, and Angelo Credo with Dante. Furthermore, it is only in Bloody Palace mode where the player can see the complete in-game animation of Angelo Credo's death.

With the Special Editon, Bloody Palace remains the same, but now the player is also able to choose to play as Vergil, Lady or Trish. It's also possible to use any of the added costumes in Bloody Palace as well as combine them with the Super Costumes that only Nero, Dante and Vergil have. In order to enable that, the player must first start Bloody Palace or any mission with the desired costume, quit the mission and then choose the Super Costume. The character will now have infinite Devil Trigger and all the "Super" properties while wearing the extra costume.

Time added per enemy and bonus[]

The following information was taken from the Devil May Cry 4: Official Prima Guide:[2]

Enemy Seconds Added
Alto Angelo +20
Assault +10
Basilisk +5
Bianco Angelo +10
Blitz +30
Chimera (value of host)
Chimera Seed +2
Cutlass +15
Faust +20
Frost +10
Gladius +2
Mega Scarecrow +15
Mephisto +10
Scarecrow +5
D rank bonus +1
C rank bonus +2
B rank bonus +3
No Damage Bonus, Stage 1-19 +30
No Damage Bonus, Stage 21+ +20

Enemy list per stage[]

Stage Enemies
Stage 001 Scarecrow (Arm) (3)
Stage 002 Scarecrow (Leg) (4)
Stage 003 Scarecrow (Arm) (3), Scarecrow (Leg) (3)
Stage 004 Frost (2)
Stage 005 Bianco Angelo (2)
Stage 006 Mephisto (3)
Stage 007 Gladius (6)
Stage 008 Chimera Seed (9)
Stage 009 Chimera Seed (9), Scarecrow (Arm) (3)
Stage 010 Scarecrow (Arm) (6), Scarecrow (Leg) (6)
Stage 011 Assault (2)
Stage 012 Mega Scarecrow (2)
Stage 013 Assault (2), Bianco Angelo (2)
Stage 014 Faust
Stage 015 Bianco Angelo (2), Alto Angelo
Stage 016 Scarecrow (Arm) (3), Scarecrow (Leg) (3), Mega Scarecrow
Stage 017 Alto Angelo (2)
Stage 018 Blitz
Stage 019 Basilisk (4)
Stage 020 Berial
Stage 021 Mephisto (2), Frost
Stage 022 Frost (2), Faust
Stage 023 Frost (2), Assault (3)
Stage 024 Assault (3), Basilisk (4)
Stage 025 Assault (3), Blitz
Stage 026 Basilisk (4), Blitz
Stage 027 Bianco Angelo (2), Frost (2)
Stage 028 Gladius (8), Assault (2)
Stage 029 Gladius (6), Blitz
Stage 030 Frost (4), Assault (6), Blitz
Stage 031 Chimera Seed (7), Mephisto (3)
Stage 032 Scarecrow (Arm) (3), Faust
Stage 033 Mephisto (2), Mega Scarecrow
Stage 034 Mephisto (6)
Stage 035 Mephisto (3), Frost
Stage 036 Scarecrow (Leg) (2), Faust
Stage 037 Assault (3), Mephisto (2)
Stage 038 Mephisto (2), Blitz
Stage 039 Chimera Seed (9), Faust
Stage 040 Bael
Stage 041 (Difficulty changes to Son of Sparda) Chimera Seed (10)
Stage 042 Chimera Seed (4), Scarecrow (Leg) (2), Infested Scarecrow (3)
Stage 043 Infested Assault (4)
Stage 044 Chimera Seed (6), Gladius (6)
Stage 045 Infested Assaults (2), Blitz
Stage 046 Chimera Seeds (4), Basilisk (2)
Stage 047 Bianco Angelo (2), Alto Angelo, Chimera Seed (5)
Stage 048 Scarecrow (Leg), Chimera Seed (6)
Stage 049 Infested Assaults (3), Faust
Stage 050 Scarecrow (Arm) (3), Scarecrow (Leg)(3), Assault (6), Chimera Seed (15)
Stage 051 Scarecrow (Arm) (6)
Stage 052 Scarecrow (Leg) (3), Gladius (9)
Stage 053 Mega Scarecrow (3), Frost (2)
Stage 054 Scarecrow (Arm) (2), Scarecrow (Leg) (3), Alto Angelo
Stage 055 Mega Scarecrow, Faust
Stage 056 Alto Angelo (2), Mega Scarecrow
Stage 057 Scarecrow (Arm) (2), Scarecrow (Leg)(2), Mephisto (3)
Stage 058 Basilisk (5), Mega Scarecrow
Stage 059 Chimera Seed (4), Infested Scarecrow (2), Mega Scarecrow
Stage 060 Echidna
Stage 061 Bianco Angelo (4)
Stage 062 Bianco Angelo (3), Cutlass (2)
Stage 063 Bianco Angelo (2), Blitz
Stage 064 Bianco Angelo, Gladius (6)
Stage 065 Bianco Angelo (7), Alto Angelo
Stage 066 Alto Angelo, Basilisk (4)
Stage 067 Alto Angelo (2), Blitz
Stage 068 Bianco Angelo (2), Scarecrow (Arm) (6)
Stage 069 Frost (2), Alto Angelo
Stage 070 Alto Angelo (2), Bianco Angelo (7)
Stage 071 Gladius (17)
Stage 072 Gladius (10), Mega Scarecrow
Stage 073 Gladius (9), Frost
Stage 074 Basilisk (4), Cutlass (2)
Stage 075 Cutlass (3), Alto Angelo
Stage 076 Cutlass (4), Gladius (9)
Stage 077 Basilisk (10)
Stage 078 Basilisk (4), Frost (2)
Stage 079 Basilisk (2), Cutlass (2), Gladius (4)
Stage 080 Credo
Stage 081 (Difficulty changes to Dante Must Die & enemies will start to enter Devil Trigger) Scarecrow (Arm) (3), Scarecrow (Leg) (2), Mega Scarecrow
Stage 082 Mephisto (4), Faust
Stage 083 Frost (4)
Stage 084 Infested Scarecrow (2), Infested Assaults (2), Chimera Seed (12)
Stage 085 Blitz (2), Chimera Seed (3)
Stage 086 Alto Angelo, Bianco Angelo (2)
Stage 087 Gladius (9), Basilisk (4)
Stage 088 Cutlass (3), Bianco Angelo (2)
Stage 089 Mega Scarecrow (3), Blitz
Stage 090 Mega Scarecrow (3), Scarecrow (Arm) (14), Scarecrow (Leg)(14), Chimera Seed (3)
Stage 091 Faust (3)
Stage 092 Alto Angelo (3), Bianco Angelo (4)
Stage 093 Assault (8)
Stage 094 Infested Scarecrow (3), Chimera Seeds (6), Bianco Angelo (2)
Stage 095 Basilisk (16), Chimera Seeds (4)
Stage 096 Gladius (8), Cutlass (3), Bianco Angelo (3)
Stage 097 Mephisto (6), Mega Scarecrow (3)
Stage 098 Infested Scarecrow (2), Infested Assault (2), Chimera Seed (3)
Stage 099 Alto Angelo (2), Bianco Angelo (40)
Stage 100 Angelo Agnus
Stage 101 Dante

Devil May Cry 5[]

The Bloody Palace isn't featured in the base game of Devil May Cry 5 through natural means, but must instead be downloaded as a free update. It was first announced in the game's The Game Awards 2018 trailer, where it stated it would be available on April 2019.[3] On March 14, 2019, it was announced that the Bloody Palace would release on April 1, 2019.[4]

In order to unlock the mode in the first place, the game must have been beaten at least once.[5] There are a total of 101 stages and they are again timed, similar to the Bloody Palace in Devil May Cry 4. After each stage, the player is awarded with Red Orbs and more time to complete the next floor. For Nero, "Rest Areas" are available which are stages that grant the player with multiple Devil Breakers instead of enemies.

A "Warm Up" feature is available in this iteration which allows the player to practice any floor they have cleared, making the mode a good way to battle bosses without needing to play an entire Mission. In additon, a "Suspend" option is also featured which lets the player save their current progress and leave the game. Once the "Continue" option is selected in the Main Menu, the player can then resume from where they left off. This Suspend option cannot be selected when an enemy is still present in the stage however.

Just like in Devil May Cry 4, the Bloody Palace allows for interactions not possible to be seen during the main Missions. For instance, a lot of bosses which are killed during the normal Missions do not show their full "dying" animations or specific voice line for when they die, and there are bosses which cannot be fought by either Dante, Nero or V. One special situation is the Vergil boss battle at the 101st floor when playing as V. When V finishes off Vergil without using Royal Fork, he has an unique animation and voice line where he states "You and I are one...". In addition, Nero also has unique Buster animations for all bosses he cannot fight during main Missions.

Completing the Bloody Palace will unlock the Special Provocation for the character that was used to complete it (also applies to Vergil), this provocation animation is the same seen in the special cutscene that plays once Bloody Palace is completed. There are also trophies & achievements tied to the Bloody Palace, though they are slightly different depending on the platform and version being played.

Using a Super Costume in the Bloody Palace will tank the end rank of the player and the "Scoreboard" in the menu will not save the final play time & extra time the player achieved during their run, however, both the Special Provocation and trophies & achievements will still be unlocked even if the player was using a Super Costume.

Enemy list per stage[]

Note: The enemy list also applies to Vergil.

Stage Enemies
Rest Area (Nero only) N/A
Stage 001 Empusa (4)
Stage 002 Green Empusa (4)
Stage 003 Pyrobat (2)
Stage 004 Hell Caina (3)
Stage 005 Death Scissors
Stage 006 Scudo Angelo (2)
Stage 007 Baphomet (2)
Stage 008 Riot (3)
Stage 009 Qliphoth Tendrils (2)
Stage 010 Empusa (8), Green Empusa (4), Empusa Queen
Rest Area (Nero only) N/A
Stage 011 Hell Antenora (3)
Stage 012 Chaos (2)
Stage 013 Proto Angelo
Stage 014 Lusachia
Stage 015 Behemoth
Stage 016 Hellbat
Stage 017 Nobody (2)
Stage 018 Fury
Stage 019 Empusa (4), Red Empusa
Stage 020 Goliath
Rest Area (Nero only) N/A
Stage 021 Empusa (3), Green Empusa (2)
Stage 022 Hell Caina (2), Hell Antenora (2)
Stage 023 Pyrobat (8), Hellbat
Stage 024 Baphomet (2), Lusachia
Stage 025 Riot (2), Fury
Stage 026 Green Empusa (2), Empusa Queen
Stage 027 Scudo Angelo (2), Proto Angelo
Stage 028 Riot, Chaos (2)
Stage 029 Qliphoth Tendrils (3)
Stage 030 Hell Caina (9), Hell Antenora (6), Hell Judecca (2)
Rest Area (Nero only) N/A
Stage 031 Pyrobat (3)
Stage 032 Empusa (6), Hellbat
Stage 033 Death Scissors (2), Nobody
Stage 034 Pyrobat (3), Red Empusa
Stage 035 Hellbat (5)
Stage 036 Hell Caina, Green Empusa (2)
Stage 037 Death Scissors (3), Behemoth
Stage 038 Qliphoth Tendrils (4)
Stage 039 Pyrobat (3), Hellbat (2), Death Scissors (2)
Stage 040 Artemis
Rest Area (Nero only) N/A
Stage 041 (Difficulty increases to Son of Sparda) Empusa (4), Baphomet
Stage 042 Empusa (5), Scudo Angelo (2)
Stage 043 Green Empusa (3), Hell Judecca
Stage 044 Chaos (2), Empusa Queen
Stage 045 Empusa (10), Fury
Stage 046 Green Empusa (3), Nobody (3)
Stage 047 Hell Antenora (3), Empusa Queen
Stage 048 Empusa (6), Behemoth
Stage 049 Green Empusa (3), Riot
Stage 050 Empusa Queen (3)
Rest Area (Nero only) N/A
Stage 051 Red Empusa (2)
Stage 052 Hell Caina (2), Pyrobat
Stage 053 Death Scissors (2), Lusachia
Stage 054 Qliphoth Tendril, Behemoth (3)
Stage 055 Hell Caina (3), Proto Angelo
Stage 056 Baphomet (2), Scudo Angelo
Stage 057 Proto Angelo (2)
Stage 058 Death Scissors, Scudo Angelo (2)
Stage 059 Qliphoth Tendrils (6), Proto Angelo
Stage 060 Cavaliere Angelo
Rest Area (Nero only) N/A
Stage 061 Riot (4)
Stage 062 Riot (2), Hellbat
Stage 063 Baphomet (2), Chaos
Stage 064 Hell Antenora (2), Fury
Stage 065 Chaos (2), Behemoth
Stage 066 Qliphoth Tendrils (6), Fury
Stage 067 Riot (3), Empusa Queen
Stage 068 Chaos (2), Nobody
Stage 069 Green Empusa (2), Chaos
Stage 070 Fury (3)
Rest Area (Nero only) N/A
Stage 071 Hell Caina (2), Green Empusa (3)
Stage 072 Pyrobat (2), Hell Antenora (3)
Stage 073 Empusa (8), Hell Judecca
Stage 074 Hell Caina (7), Lusachia
Stage 075 Hell Antenora (6), Behemoth
Stage 076 Nobody (2), Hell Judecca
Stage 077 Hell Caina, Death Scissor (2)
Stage 078 Hell Antenora, Baphomet (2)
Stage 079 Proto Angelo, Hell Judecca (2), Qliphoth Tendrils (4)
Stage 080 Malphas
Rest Area (Nero only) N/A
Stage 081 (Difficulty increases to Dante Must Die, and enemies start to enter Devil Trigger) Empusa (10)
Stage 082 Hell Antenora (4)
Stage 083 Riot (3), Chaos (2)
Stage 084 Pyrobat (3), Green Empusa (3), Hellbat
Stage 085 Behemoth, Nobody, Empusa Queen
Stage 086 Hell Caina (2), Green Empusa
Stage 087 Riot (2), Proto Angelo
Stage 088 Fury (2)
Stage 089 Qliphoth Tendrils (10)
Stage 090 King Cerberus
Rest Area (Nero only) N/A
Stage 091 Red Empusa (3)
Stage 092 Hell Caina, Baphomet (2)
Stage 093 Death Scissor (5)
Stage 094 Scudo Angelo, Lusachia (2), Qliphoth Tendrils (3)
Stage 095 Empusa, Pyrobat, Hell Caina, Scudo Angelo, Riot, Death Scissor
Stage 096 Green Empusa, Hell Antenora, Baphomet, Hellbat, Chaos, Nobody
Stage 097 Proto Angelo, Hell Judecca, Behemoth, Empusa Queen, Lusachia, Fury
Rest Area (Nero only) N/A
Stage 098 Urizen (Mission 8 enthroned version, one hit after breaking crystal)
Stage 099 Urizen (Mission 12 version)
Stage 100 Urizen (Mission 17 version)
Stage 101 Vergil

DmC: Devil May Cry[]

In DmC: Devil May Cry, the Bloody Palace is a free DLC package, first made available February 20, 2013. Like previous iterations, it consists of 101 levels of survival-type gameplay. The DLC will require that the game be completed at least once before the Bloody Palace is unlocked.

The floors of the Palace are set in various areas from the game, and switch every twenty floors. Every fifteenth floor in each area is a special stage with interesting twists or environmental hazard. The first set of floors is based on the phantasmal landscape within Dante's soul, and floor 15 contains four puddles of Virility toxins. The second set takes place at Funland, and floor 35 includes the Hurricane as an environmental hazard. The third set is based on Devil's Dalliance, and includes the demon-angel alternating tiles on the 55th floor. The fourth set is based on the underwater limbo area preceding the Bob Barbas's tower, and includes an upside down level on the 75th floor. The fifth and final set is based on the area outside Mundus's Tower, and floor 95 becomes surrounded by flames like those from Furnace of Souls.


Devil May Cry 2
  • Using the Missile Launcher as Dante may make enemies clip outside the boundaries of the stage, making it impossible to complete the mode.
Devil May Cry 5
  • In Stage 20 (Goliath boss battle), using the Royalguard Style as Dante when the Goliath uses his vacuum-like attack will cause Dante to float in the air alongside the vacuum, and all blocks will be considered perfect, even if the player just spams the button.
    • Furthermore, if Dante is with his Devil Trigger active, this attack will simply deal no damage and Dante will just slide to the side to where the vacuum is heading to.
  • In Stage 66, it's possible the Fury will be stuck in a teleporting pattern where it won't attack the player.[6]
  • The game may crash during the Bloody Palace at random. In fact, this happened during an official Capcom livestream meant to promote the mode.[7]
  • In Stage 90, it's possible that the attack of King Cerberus where stalactites fall from the ceiling will be stuck in an infinite loop where it will keep falling down for the entire fight. However this is a graphical glitch, and the ice won't deal damage to the player.
  • For PC players there is a bug with no known fix yet that makes your mouse appear on the screen after beating a stage, Its not a problem unless you use more than one monitor which is when it makes BP unbeatable and unplayable (Tested unwillingly as of March 8th 2024, still ingame)
DmC Devil May Cry
  • During the fight against Succubus, Dante is sometimes teleported to the edge of the map.
  • During the fight against The Hunter, the demon will sometimes remain stationary without attacking Dante for an extended period.
  • During the fight against Mundus' Spawn, Lilith cannot be targeted by a Demon Pull once the baby's vitality is depleted.
  • During the fight against Mundus or Vergil, it is possible that the two bosses take no damage from attacks in their final phase, even though style rankings continue to rise from your attacks.


  • In the original version of Devil May Cry 4, several of its achievements relate to the Bloody Palace, nine of which reference the Circles of Hell from the Divine Comedy.
  • For Devil May Cry 5, when checking the game's files on PC, it's possible to see text for a mode called "Online Bloody Palace".






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