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A Blue Pedestal near Nero

The Blue Devices are unofficially named environmental objects in the Devil May Cry series. Fans have given them such names as Blue Pedestals, Blue Shields, and Trigger Device, among others. These are primarily the mechanism switches that allow the player to activate such objects related to the device, such as sealed doors and elevators in order to proceed.


In order to activate this device, the player must hit it with their weapon, however, firearms will not work (with the exception of Pandora). When hit, the orbs on the shell glow with a blue flame. When the device has received enough damage, it will activate.

The outcome of the activation varies depending on the situation. Some blue devices open Sealed Doors, others trigger platforms to appear or to move. Some even generate very specific results, such as firing a laser at The Savior, or exposing the core of Nightmare.

Devil May CryEdit

In the first game of the series, blue devices are simply large, round, shield-like features usually set into a wall, emblazoned with an eldritch rune. When struck, runes along the outside of the device will light up, and the mechanism will activate once all have been illuminated.

Devil May Cry 2Edit

In Devil May Cry 2, the devices are glowing blue-white spheres, orbited by white cubes that turn purple when struck. When fully activated, the cubes turn into a blue flat ring, inscribed with markings, around the sphere. There is an alternative additional device that appears for timed sections; a sphere floating on an inverted rotating pyramid. When struck, a grid pattern appears, slowly vanishing the longer it takes to activate the next device.

Devil May Cry 3Edit

Although not entirely blue, the flames of the device are actually red, but its function is more or less similar to the blue device: unlocked sealed doors or activate certain mechanisms. After the Temen-Ni-Gru revives, a new kind of device appears to change the environment of the tower.

Devil May Cry 4Edit


In Devil May Cry 4, blue devices take on more of a pedestal appearance, and the runes project out of the device when being activated. The runes will also spin just as the player reaches activation, and will slam back into the pedestal when activation is complete.

List of device locationsEdit

Here is a list of the pedestals and their given functions;

Number Mission Function
1 Mission 2 The area where the device was first introduced, used to break the magic barrier
2 Mission 3 Used to disable te magic barrier allowing quicker actions.
3 Mission 4 Used to open the gate so that the gyro blade can break the magic barrier.
4 Mission 6 Used to make the "bridge" fall out allowing the gyroblade destroy the giant statue of pointlessness
5 Mission 7, and Secret Mission 7 Used to make the magic brigde fall into reality.
6 Missions 9 and 10 Used to call the teleporter.
7 Mission 11 Used to spawn blue lights nero can grim grip.
8 Mission 18 (2 sets) Used as weapons against The Savior. One as a cannon, and one as a laser cannon
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