LegionZero wrote:

Gamma Venom 567 wrote:

Yeah what will be the other games like huh Nero being the protaognist this time?

Ummm duh?

Gamma Venom 567 wrote:

What can he do to fight other demons there isn't a new demon at this point?

Ummmm yes fight other demons. And DMC Team can make a new demon? Thay have done it for DMC2, 3, 4, 5, the anime, the manga

Gamma Venom 567 wrote:

Just because their story is over dosen't mean they will not show up.

If they show up they will probably be side characters.

Gamma Venom 567 wrote:

Also what Nero goes on more adevtunres fightning demons and corrupt humans fro 6,7,8,and 9 what of 10 huh?

Um yes. Dante did it for the last 3.5 games so i dont see why its a problem for Nero?

Camilopezo wrote: Well, Lady + Dante will never happen. Then my bet goes for Patty.

You mean the girl that he views as more of an annoying little sister and is 30 years younger than him? As if.

Nah just have Mundus return in six and have get stronger than before the new demons won't be special anyway with Dante and Vergil in the underworld they weren't as powerful as previous villains. Urizen was simply vergil's demon half while the others weren't as powerful just give Mundus a new form and have him fight Nero already and what demons go extinct? Lame it's the same and the demons in those games won't be comparable.

Here is the villain power scaling from 1-5 with the anime series 

Sin Dt Vergil > Urizen > Mundus > Argosax > Abigail > Savior > Sanctus > Arkham

Also strong as they need to be and power scaling is weird at times like Nero at the end beats Dante and vergil though to be fai the were fightning each other.

Now if mundus returns he would need to get stronger like using the tree again or what's left of it and not do the same mistakes Urizen made. The later villains wouldn't be as strong either.

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