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Bolverk is a powerful demon who is constantly accompanied by his wolf companions, Freki and Geri. Once defeated by Sparda, he was since summoned by Arius. He serves as boss of Dante's Mission 11 and Mission 16.


Bolverk fights with an extendable spear and tactics involving his wolves. He is a skeletal demon warrior who is driven to seek revenge against Sparda's heir. Bolverk has a long scar across the forehead to the left eye.


Devil May Cry 2[]

Dark Bolverk


Bolverk is a demon warrior who once fought against The Dark Knight Sparda[1] and was defeated by him.[2] After Dante first defeats Freki and Geri before entering the streets of Upper Town, they returned to Bolverk, waiting atop a skyscraper. Bolverk later reappears in the underground Ruins, where he challenges Dante to a duel. Dante chases him off and continues through the sewer, eventually meeting with Lucia. Bolverk later reappears as Dante climbs the Uroboros Building, and this time Dante destroys him.


Devil May Cry 2 - File - Enemy

English version

The Demon warrior who had once fought against Sparda.

3142 English version

A demon warrior who was defeated by Sparda.
He was once the king of a remote region's gods, but it's said that Bolverk was reborn as an evil god after being destroyed in a great war.[3]

Japanese version


Wiki translation

Demon World warrior who once lost to Sparda in battle.
It is said that originally he was the king of remote region's gods, but after falling in the Great War was reincarnated as an evil spirit.


As a boss, Bolverk fights in a similar way to Nelo Angelo.

Freki & Geri[]

Freki & Geri are two all-white, wolf-like demons that serve Bolverk. They may be reincarnated figures of warriors whom Bolverk fought alongside. They first confront Dante in Mission 5, and return to assist Bolverk in his battles against Dante in Mission 11 and Mission 16.

They are larger than any normal wolf, being nearly as tall as a man. The chains they wear around their necks and bodies do not seem to hinder their attacks, as they are capable of jumping long distances and with great ferocity, knocking aside anything in their path.

Appearances in Other Media[]


Bolverk in TEPPEN.


Bolverk was first added to TEPPEN via its "The Force Seekers" expansion. He is featured in one purple unit card. This purple unit card is able to spawn Freki & Geri into the EX Pocket or board, depending if the player Ascends.


In Norse Mythology, Bolverk is an alias Odin once took while masquerading as a human. Traditionally, Odin only has one eye, a fact reflected by Bolverk's unevenly shaped eyes. Bolverk's usage of a spear also matches Odin's Gungnir in terms of similar weaponry. The Gungnir is known as the "Swaying One". The only difference is that Bolverk has his spear shaped like a large blade.

Freki and Geri are two wolves that acted as companions to Odin.

Bolverk's skeletal appearance may also be a reference to the Draugr, a race of intelligent undead Vikings from Norse Mythology who possessed numerous supernatural abilities (such as driving people and animals insane, shapeshifting, or increasing in size) guarded treasures they were entrusted with (and punished those who tried to steal it), and took great pleasure in killing their victims either by devouring or mutilating them with weapons. (Bolverk crumbling into ash after being killed by Dante is likely a reference to this).


  • When Bolverk uses his Stinger-like move, Dante is able to stand on his sword.



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