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One person's love for another is a wonderful thing. True love is a thing of beauty.

Bradley is a benevolent demon who takes the form of a young man.


Devil May Cry: The Animated Series[]

In the Underworld, Brad endured cruel treatment from the other demons, possibly including his own master, Belphagor. He was summoned to the Human World by Mike Hagel's butler in order to assist in summoning Belphagor into Capulet City, but while he dutifully completed his task, he also fell in love with Hagel's daughter, Angelina. One day, Brad finds Angelina having injured her foot on a staircase. He takes it upon himself and uses his magic to heal her. The two quickly fall in love and start dating.

One night, Angelina begs Brad to run away because her father had recently hired a mercenary to kill him because he believes that he is responsible for the string of murders that had happened recently. Brad refuses, not wanting Angelina to get involved any further.

Brad meets a man in a red coat at a bar. After having a friendly chat with the man, Brad walks outside into an alleyway, where he meets the true culprit responsible for the murders. Suddenly, the red-coated man appears and attacks the demon, revealing himself to be the Devil Hunter Dante. When Dante learns that Brad loves Angelina, a human, he spares him, possibly due to being reminded of the love between his own parents, Sparda and Eva. Brad then explains his task to Dante, and asks what he should do. Dante suggests trying to live as a human and leave his master to the Devil Hunter.

Brad and Dante enter the Hagels' household. As Brad goes to heal Angelina's fatally injured father, Dante goes to fight Belphagor and seal him away. Afterwards, Angelina's father gives his consent to Angelina and Brad's relationship.

Powers and Abilities[]

Brad has the power to heal organic things, to the point of reviving Mike Hagel after he had been fatally wounded. While he is a weak demon, he has some level of superhuman strength and durability, able to easily bash in a window with his bare hands without harming himself.