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Bradley is a benevolent demon who takes the form of a young man.


Devil May Cry: The Animated SeriesEdit

He was summoned to the Human World by Mike Hagel's butler in order to assist in the summoning of his master, Belphagor, but while he dutifully completed his task, he also fell in love with Mike Hagel's daughter, Angelina, and wooed her. Bradley showed her some of his magic, but when her father saw, he believed Bradley to be the demonic serial killer loose in the city.

Mike Hagel hires Dante to kill Bradley, but Dante learns that Bradley loves Angelina, a human, and spares him. Bradley then explains his task to Dante, and assists him in defeating Belphagor. Afterwards, Angelina's father gives some consent to Angelina and Bradley's relationship.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Bradley has the power to heal organic things, to the point of reviving Mike Hagel after he had been fatally wounded. He also has some level of superhuman strength and durability, able to easily bash in a window with his bare hands without harming himself.

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