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Broken Bridge 2

The Broken Bridge.

The Broken Bridge is a region of the castle on Mallet Island in Devil May Cry. It is located off of the Cathedral and, after it is activated with the Staff of Hermes, also connects with the night watchman's room and the castellan's bedchamber through the Mirror World. It serves as a nexus of activity throughout the game.


Broken Bridge

When first encountered, the area seems like a regular bridge with a circular area at the far end, but, when one attempts to cross back to the Cathedral, the bridge shatters into pieces, plunging the traveller into the Abyss. Upon returning, the bridge remains broken. The only way across is to jump from floating fragement to fragment, or to return to the Abyss and fight one's way to the other side. However, the floating fragments will fall into the Abyss shortly after bearing weight, forcing one to move quickly.

In the Abyss, Dante's health is constantly being drained. He must trigger a number of Sargassos to appear and then kill them all in order to open a teleporter back to the bridge. The Abyss automatically places Dante on the side opposite the one he left from.


DMC BoF 3-2

In Mission 3, Dante must cross the bridge to obtain the Pride of Lion. There are several small Red Orbs here which, if left untouched, will be replaced by much bigger orbs in Mission 16.

There are two Secret Missions located here as well: Secret Mission 1 in Mission 3 and Secret Mission 11 in Mission 17.

A Blue Orb Fragment is on a piece of bridge high above the doors. To get this, one must jump to the highest point above the doors and Stinger towards the far end.