The Buster Arm is one of the Devil Breakers in Devil May Cry 5.


Nico creates the Buster Arm at the same time as Tomboy after Nero defeats Artemis. The device is the result of her attempting to artificially recreate the Buster ability of Nero's lost Devil Bringer.

The Buster Arm is a large claw in primarily silver and red, with glowing blue highlights. When in use, it transforms into a giant clawed mechanical hand which is projected on a glowing cable.

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Devil May Cry 5 promo site, Character - Nero[1]

Nico tried to recreate Nero's lost demonic arm, resulting in a powerhouse capable of throwing enemies with devastating force. This brute strength comes at the price of reduced durability, but the chance to toss around massive demons is well worth it.


Nico's Weapon Report - Buster Arm

I only had one goal in mind with this beast: recreate the demonic arm that bastard stole from you. I bet ya been itching to chuck around baddies again, am I right?

Well rejoice! I did it! This arm lets you toss around demons like a boss, even slam them into the ground if you have the hankering!

...For a little while, anyway. But that's as tough as I can make this sucker, dammit! I swear!


なら喜べ! ようやく完成だ!コイツなら、以前やっていたように悪魔をブン投げ、地面に叩き付ける事が可能になるぞ! ……すぐブッ壊れちまうがな。

どうしてもそれ以上パーツの強度を上げられなかったんだよ!今はそれが限界だ! チクショウ!


The Buster Arm is unlocked at the start of Mission 06: Steel Impact along with Tomboy. Following this, Buster Arms will spawn randomly in missions along with other Devil Breakers. It is in the most expensive price band for Devil Breakers at 3500 DMC5 Red Orb, the same as the DLC Sweet Surrender.

The Buster Arm emulates Nero's Buster ability from the previous game, functioning in the same way: it allows a short-ranged uppercut-like grab attack which, if successful, will trigger a grapple or throw animation specific to the type of enemy it is used to attack. Some animations can be enhanced by further control inputs: for example, when using the Buster Arm on a Hell Caina, Nero will fire one shot from Blue Rose into the demon's head normally, but repeatedly pressing the shoot button can increase this to up to three with a Neo Buster and five with a Super Buster, with a corresponding increase in damage. It can be used on the ground or in the air. With the standard attack, the Buster Arm will be destroyed if Nero is hit during the initial swing or the subsequent animation.

As with the Buster, large or powerful enemies may need to be reduced to a weakened state before the Buster Arm can be used on them: this is particularly true of bosses. It can, however, interrupt some enemy attacks, for example being able to disregard the "super armor" state of a berserk Hell Antenora.

The Break Age move hugely increases the damage and also grants Nero "super armor" that renders the Buster animation impossible to interrupt, but the Buster Arm will be destroyed on completion of the animation. As with the Break Age move of Overture, the Buster Arm will not be destroyed if the attack fails to connect. In the Buster Arm's case, it also will not be destroyed if it hits an enemy that is not currently able to be grappled by it.

While the Buster Arm might seem pointless in the post-game because Nero recovers the actual Buster ability, this is not the case: seemingly for game balance purposes (as the Buster Arm is only supposed to be an imitation), it is far more powerful than the regular Buster. For comparison, when used on a Hell Caina on Devil Hunter difficulty in The Void, firing all possible shots, the damage figures are as follows:

Devil Bringer

Buster Arm

  • Neo Buster: 1,200
  • Super Buster: 12,000

In other words, the Buster Arm is around twice as strong by default, and rather than being one-third stronger as with the DT Buster, the Super Buster is twenty times stronger than the basic Buster and ten times stronger than the Neo Buster. Neither function receives any further damage buff if it is used with Devil Trigger active, though the player can hit the Buster button during the animation to punch the enemy they are holding with Nero's DT arms for a minor increase.

Movesets Edit

Action Command (PS4) Command (PC) Command (XONE) Description
Neo Buster With Buster Arm equipped: PressB c With Buster Arm equipped: PressBx b Reminiscent of the Devil Bringer's Buster attack. Packed with power, but being attacked while executing the move will cause the Buster Arm to shatter.
Super Buster With Buster Arm equipped: Press and holdB c, then release after your right arm sparks with more power. With Buster Arm equipped: Press and holdBx b, then release after your right arm sparks with more power. Reminiscent of the Devil Bringer's Buster attack. Attacks won't cause you to flinch while this is activated, making Busters easier to execute. Breaks after one use.


  • The Buster Arm is one of the Devil Breakers featured on Nero's Sentinel figure.



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