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The Butcher is a lesser demon that appears in DmC: Devil May Cry. It is one of the largest and strongest enemies that Dante will face.


The Butcher has two large buzzsaws in place of either hand. In the center of their mechanized stomach sits an orange sphere, housing a vaguely humanoid face that looks out at the world. Their size is comparable to that of a Tyrant, and their frame gives them a wide reach. They can throw buzzsaws towards Dante, and other enemies standing in the way.


In order to defeat the Butcher, Dante can opt to use Overdrive or Flush to attack from afar, avoiding any of its long-ranged attack. Dante can also use Stinger followed by heavy attacks (especially Eryx charge-2 Uppercut or Arbiter Trinity Smash) quickly after its ranged attacks to take advantage of the demon's charging time, quickly evading once it retaliates with set of slashes. Its long-ranged attacks, if avoided, are also effective in helping out defeat other enemies. They can also be parried back at the Butcher by parrying (most easily done with Osiris' Prop). If he is dying, Butcher's stomach will turn red and he will go berserk. He will kill himself in time, like Blitz in DMC4, but Dante can use strong ranged attacks to speedup the process. It is also possible to juggle the Butcher with a charged Uppercut. Due to its massive plated armor it is completely immune to firearms and angelic weapons, with the exception of Devil Trigger.

  • However, in the Definitive Edition release, it is possible to harm the Butcher with Angel weapons (it is still not possible to damage them with firearms, though.) In fact, a Level 1 Raze with Osiris will even lift Butchers into the air, and can juggle them. Vergil's Just Charged Volcano and Solar Flare attacks also cause large enemies to rise into the air.