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CCTV Camera DmC

A CCTV camera transformed after spotting Dante.

The CCTV Camera is an unnamed demon in DmC: Devil May Cry.

CCTV cameras have a demonic personality in Limbo. The cameras do not attack Dante directly, but they are installed all throughout Limbo City by Mundus, watching for Dante. They appear as mundane cameras at first. However, should they capture Dante on "film", they will take on a demonic transformation, as a wicked eye becomes prominent from the lens. Their spotting Dante not only causes Limbo to take control, but it also alerts other demons to Dante's position.

CCTV Cameras lack physical traits and are unable to cause any harm to Dante, being absolutely helpless when Dante slaughters them. The cameras are, however, perched in high areas that can be difficult for Dante to reach.