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CR Devil May Cry 4 (CRデビルメイクライ4, ''CR Devil May Cry 4''?) is the fourth pachinko game of the Devil May Cry series. It is the first machine of the series to be manufactured by Macy and is housed in the Bazooka frame. It has a 1/199.8 jackpot probability.

P Devil May Cry 4: Out of Limit (Pデビルメイクライ 4 アウトオブリミット, ''P Devil May Cry 4: Out of Limit''?) is an updated version with an 1/128 jackpot chance and a max bonus reduction from 16R to 10R.


While both Pachislot Devil May Cry 4 and Devil May Cry X: The Last Judgement use the same in-game assets and stages present in Devil May Cry 4, CR Devil May Cry 4 instead has assets solely crafted for itself. Vergil is also present in this game, and while his looks are based on his Devil May Cry 3 iteration, his moves with the Yamato are based from its design in Devil May Cry 4.

The design of the machine itself is somewhat based on the original version in Pachislot Devil May Cry 4, with Nero's Red Queen at the right side. Nero's Devil Bringer is also hidden away in the machine and shows up at certain points during the game.


  • In the game's Special Story -Act 1-, it's shown that Nero actually had a human arm before the Devil Bringer awakened on his arm.
  • In the "The Man in Red" cutscene, which is a recreation of the Devil Bringer cutscene in Devil May Cry 4, when Dante hits Nero's arm with the Rebellion, Nero actually turns into his Devil Trigger state at that point.
  • When Angelo Agnus is introduced, he goes by the title of "One-eyed Dark Angel".
  • One of the cutscenes shows what looks to be Vergil training Nero to use the Yamato.
  • Sanctus Diabolica at one point is fought by Nero in the Mission 18 area (outside of The Savior), something which never happens in Devil May Cry 4.
  • The CR version of this machine is only one of 3 machines housed in the white version of the Bazooka frame. The other two are both the CR and P versions of Star Ocean. The P version of this machine is housed in the standard black frame.




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