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Ciudad Capulet

Panoramic view of the Capulet City

The Capulet City is a city run by Mayor Mike Hagel. In it are several places of interest such as cafes, libraries, bars and especially the mansion of the Hagel family, which inhabit the mayor and his daughter Angelina.


The only known thing about the Capulet City is that it was once a quiet and normal city like all the others, at least until long after the death of the mayor's wife, and the birth of his daughter, there were tragic events. A series of mysterious murders occurred in the city, it was not known exactly who committed them but nevertheless the same mayor was the one who deduced that it could be because of a demon. That demon was identified as Bradley, who was a young man who left with the daughter of the mayor, so fearing for the safety of his daughter and his city the mayor decided to get down to business by hiring the services of a demon hunter in order to end the suspect and therefore with the mysterious murders that occurred in the city.

Some time later it would be discovered who was the cause of the murders and the case would be resolved, thus leaving the only suspect and the city back free of guilt.


Like many locations in Devil May Cry: The Animated Series, it is unknown exactly where the Capulet City is located. However, it is possible that it is close to the city where the majority of events take place in the series.


Its unique appearance occurs in the third episode "Not Love" of the series.


Capulet, from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, is Juliet's family and her father is the patriarch. Mike Hagel is like Lord Capulet, he didn't agree that Angelina was with Bradley to be together and tries to break up this couple.