The Cavaliere is one of Dante's Devil Arms in Devil May Cry 5.[1] When it used to be Cavaliere Angelo.


The origin of the Cavaliere came from a drawing of a motorcycle made by someone in the development team that the director Itsuno found cool. Itsuno had also wanted to implement a motorcycle as a weapon in the series for a long time.[2] In fact, the team's first time at trying to implement a motorcycle as a weapon was in Devil May Cry 2.[3] Dante actually uses Lady's motorcycle as weapon during a cutscene in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, but it is not available in gameplay.

During its concept development, the motorcycle was originally called the "Emperor" and would have been used by Nero.[4]


Cavaliere is a heavily armored black motorcycle created from demonic metals, with large spikes stick out from the side of the front tire. Cavaliere R version follows the same design, only with red as its main color.

For its melee form, the handles slide to the spot where the gas tank meets the seat and it splits in half. The tires open up into large spiked buzzsaws.

While Cavaliere is equipped as the active weapon, Dante wears a pair of googles around his neck. In Devil Trigger form, Dante puts them over his eyes.


Devil May Cry 5 promo site[5]
A heavyweight weapon born of materials infused with demonic power. Lay on the pain with its spinning wheels in motorbike form, or heft it around by the handlebars as a pair of massive twin swords.
Dante can even attack from the driver's seat.
The bladed wheels and sharp ram-like protrusions grind demons to bits.
Cavaliere R DLC description[6]
A version of the Cavaliere weapon Dante acquires, which has been customized by Nico for Dante's use. Its instantaneous output has been increased, and its appearance matches Dante's thematic color. Can be used in-game after acquiring the Cavaliere.
Nico's Weapon Report - Cavaliere

Cavaliere AngeloEdit

Main article: Cavaliere Angelo


The Cavaliere is a motorcycle that can be split up into a pair of giant buzzsaws. These attacks are slow but deal high amounts of damage while covering a wide area.

Central to Cavaliere is the "Gear Wheel" mechanic. This activates when Dante strikes an enemy with most of Cavaliere's attacks: the saw will crackle with energy as this happens. Pressing a button during this will simply advance the attack sequence, but waiting for the weapon's blade to glow will trigger "Top Gear," while perfect timing will cause "Overtop Gear." These two states increase the speed and power of Cavaliere's next attack, indicated by the glow on Cavaliere's blades changing color.

Its motorcycle form can also be used as a weapon with Swordmaster. Dante rides the motorcycle, performing doughnuts, wheelies, ramming it into the enemy.

Cavaliere R is a DLC alternative variant which features a new Swordmaster move, with the tradeoff of less effective "super armor" than the basic version. It can only be equipped after Dante acquires the regular Caviliere: normally the player must choose to equip one or the other, though with the "Irregular Full Custom" skill unlocked after defeating Son of Sparda mode Dante can equip both at once. As a DLC weapon, Cavaliere R cannot be used in Bloody Palace mode: if the player tries a warning will appear, and if they disregard it they will start with Cavaliere R removed from their equipped weapons.


Action Command Description
Cavaliere Combo AOn ground, pressBx y,Bx y,Bx yRide your momentum into a three-stage combo attack. Gear Wheel is active during the first and second stages. Chains into Cavaliere Combo B in Swordmaster style. While Devil Trigger is active, the attack is more powerful but expends the DT Gauge
Cav ComboA

Cavalerie Combo A

Air Cavaliere Combo AIn mid-air, pressBx y,Bx yA two-stage combo attack whirling your twin Cavaliere in mid-air. Activates Gear Wheel. If using Swordmaster style, you can change into Air Cavaliere Combo B during the combo
Cav AirCavComboA

Air Cavalerie Combo A

Cross LineOn ground,Bx rb +B u +Bx yCross over your twin Cavaliere for a devastating slam attack. Activates Gear Wheel
Cav Cross Line

Cross Line

Slipstream On ground, pressBx rb +B u/B d +Bx yRide your momentum forward and cross over your twin Cavaliere for a devastating slam attack. Activates Gear Wheel. Level 2 lengthens the movement distance before the strike. Can chain into Cavaliere Combo A or Cavaliere Combo B's second step.
Cav Slipstream


Highside In mid-air, pressBx rb + (back) +Bx yThis high velocity attack ramps you skyward after the enemy you hit. Activates Gear Wheel
Cav HighSide


Braking In mid-air, pressBx rb + (forward) +Bx yDrag airborne enemies into the spinning wheels and dive into a backbreaking ground impact. Activates Gear Wheel
Cav Braking


Idling On ground, pressBx rb + (back) +Bx y,Bx y,Bx ySend enemies flying with blows from your twin Cavaliere
Cav Idling


Gear WheelActivated on attack impactLand this attack to drag the enemy into the spinning wheel, dealing combo damage
Low GearPress any button during Gear WheelWhile Gear Wheel is active, press another button for this follow-up attack
Top GearPress any button while your weapon glows during Gear Wheel While Gear Wheel is active, wait for the weapon to glow before pressing another button for a quick follow-up attack
Overtop GearPress any button just as an attack finishes during Gear WheelWhile Gear Wheel is active, press another button just as the attack finishes to trigger a much quicker and more powerful follow-up attack

Action Command Description
Cavaliere Combo BOn ground, pressBx b -Bx b -Bx bRace your transformed motorcycle through the tight turns of a rapid combo. Gear Wheel is active during the first and second stages. You can chain into Cavaliere Combo A during the combo
Cav ComboB

Cavalerie Combo B

Air Cavaliere Combo BIn mid-air, pressBx b -Bx b -Bx bSpin your bike mid-air and slam into enemies in an incredible stunt. Gear Wheel is active during the first and second stages. You can chain into Air Cavaliere Combo A during the combo
Cav AirCavComboB

Air Cavalerie Combo B

Full ThrottleOn ground, pressBx rb + (forward) +Bx bStraddle your motorcycle and twist the throttle, running down enemies with the spikes extending from the front. While Devil Trigger is active, the attack is more powerful, but expends the DT gauge
Cav FullThrottle

Full Throttle

Cav DTFullThrottle

Devil Trigger Full Throttle (Ends up with a backflip)

Wheelie JumpOn ground, pressBx rb + (back) + tapBx bSend enemies skyward with the rapid revolutions of your motorcycle wheels, then ramp upward to follow them.
Cav BackStyle

Wheelie Jump

Redline (Cavaliere R only)PressBx rb + (back to forward) + tapBx bFly forward in a daredevil mid-air charge. Using Full Throttle off an edge into the air activates this skill automatically.
Cav R Redline