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—Cavaliere Angelo, Devil May Cry 5

Cavaliere Angelo is a boss demon Dante encountered in Devil May Cry 5. It is an artificial Angelo-type demon that was designed to be an upgrade of the original Nelo Angelo. Later it is revealed that Trish was being used as its host. The demon's power later becomes a weapon for Dante in the form of a buzzsaw-like motorcycle, freeing Trish in the process.


Cavaliere Angelo appears as a tall, winged humanoid demon with two ridged horns and purple glowing eyes. Its entire body is covered with dark grey, metallic armor. It has two wings which it usually holds circiling its shoulders: these can change size from a small form that is effectively decorative to a much larger one which Cavaliere Angelo can use as a shield.

It wields an enormous sword consisting of four distinct blades with thorn-like serrations, with a hollow center which glows purple,and has purple lightning crackling over the blades. This sword has the ability to change both size and shape, appearing in the form of a lance with the blades spiraling around each other when Cavaliere Angelo is encountered riding the Elder Geryon, and as a shorter sword with straight blades when Dante fights it on foot.


Cavaliere Angelo shows its disdain towards humans during its encounter with V, calling them "weak, powerless creatures". Due to its artificial nature and adherence to given orders, it shows immense hatred and fury towards the Devil Sword Sparda and ruthlessly sought out the blade in the ruins of Redgrave City when ordered to find and destroy the sword. While arrogant like most demons, the Cavaliere possesses enough understanding of battle tactics to retreat when its caught in a disadvantage, such as after losing its Elder Geryon Knight steed during its battle with V. When in sight of its target, Cavaliere immediately attacked Dante with a grimace on its face and during the battle, repeatedly shouted the Legendary Dark Knight's name in fury as it attacked his son. However, traces of Trish's thoughts can be found, such as when the demon calls out Dante's name, or introducing itself to Dante by tossing a motorbike at him as Trish had done in their first meeting.


DMC5 Cavaliere Angelo & V

Cavaliere Angelo facing V.

After Trish was defeated by the usurper Demon King Urizen, her body was used as the core for the previously discarded 'faulty' Cavaliere Angelo, giving the artificial demon a base with which to function, along with Trish's innate control over lightning.

Cavaliere Angelo is first seen in Mission 5, being given orders by the demon witch Malphas while riding a member of the time manipulating Geryon species. After Malphas leaves Cavaliere Angelo and the Elder Geryon encounter V and his familiars, causing the two groups to fight. The pair are defeated in the battle, causing the Geryon to die and forcing Cavaliere Angelo to retreat.

It is next encountered in Mission 11, soon after Dante is awoken by V. As Dante fights his way to the Qliphoth he is ambushed by Cavaliere Angelo, who throws a motorbike at him, which Dante cuts in two to deflect the strike. The Cavaliere Angelo recognizes both Dante and his weapon as its primary targets, while the son of Sparda is quick to see through the demon's form for what it truly is. The two proceed to battle, and while Cavaliere Angelo utilizes its powerful swordsmanship and lightning abilities, Dante easily predicts all of its attacks, and the demon is quickly killed. After its defeat, Dante carefully slices its body into dozens of tiny pieces to save Trish. The pieces of its body fuse with the nearby motorbike, creating the Cavaliere weapon that Dante uses throughout the rest of the Red Grave incident.

In Mission 14 a dying V is ambushed by Malphas, who uses a spell to trap him in a pocket dimension and lock away his familiars. Inside this pocket dimension V is forced to fight several ghostly figures, dubbed 'Metaphysical Infernal Phantasms' by Nico. One of these figures is a recreation of Cavaliere Angelo, named Miraggio Angelo, created from V's memories.


"Weak powerless creatures!"
―Cavaliere Angelo[src]
"You cannot get away!"
―Cavaliere Angelo[src]


Nico Enemy Report - Cavaliere Angelo
Whatever sorcery it was that cooked up the original Black Angel, somebody's been mighty busy perfectin' it to make this fella.
Retractable shields built into both arms? It's attack and defense in a single package! And with that demon gal Trish stuck inside, it could blast lightning all up in your face too. Lemme tell ya, I've got a lot of respect for the design!
Sure wish I coulda seen this one myself, but I guess I'll have to quiz Trish and Dante about it instead...
Miraggio Angelo
*Ahem* What we have here is a metaphysical infernal phantasm. Oo-ee! I impress myself.
I got an inklin' that these are yanked out of the target's memory and manifested to go on the attack. The ol' "nightmares made real" deal. But heck, I'm an engineer, not a wicked witch. What do I know about magic?
What's clear is that no phantasm is gonna be more powerful than the original.
You got nothing to fear from these things...unless you're already on your last legs.


Powers and Abilities[]

DMC5 Cavaliere Angelo Using His Sword

Cavaliere Angelo's sword.

Cavaliere Angelo appears to be a larger, stronger and more durable version of the Angelos that are attacking Red Grave City with the unique ability to control and empower itself with lightning, including the ability to imbue its sword with electricity, fire bolts of lightning at Dante, and teleport. When Cavaliere loses its initial charge of lightning, he is briefly vulnerable to attack, but can recharge its electrical powers by drawing electricity from damaged lamp posts and various loose wiring from the area, giving Cavaliere the power to unleash a massive burst strike of lightning once fully charged.


  • Supernatural strength: Cavaliere Angelo is strong enough to carry its enormous sword and carve massive gouges in asphalt with its weapon, as well toss a motorcycle with one hand.
  • Supernatural durability: Due to its armor, Cavaliere Angelo can take a lot of blows from Dante's Sparda before becoming stunned and vulnerable.
  • Electricity generation and manipulation: Cavaliere Angelo uses electric powers in the form of purple lightning. It uses this lightning to augment its sword and as projectile attacks. He can fire this lighting as projectiles as well as huge thunder streams.
  • Teleportation: Cavaliere Angelo can coat itself in lightning to travel quickly between two places.
  • Flight: Cavaliere Angelo has an evasive move where he covers himself with his wings then quickly flies skywards and lands a safe distance away.
  • Devil Trigger: In DMD difficulty, Cavalierie Angelo can enter a trigger state when it's about a third of its health. In this state, an aura of demonic energy covers its head, shoulders and chest. It also becomes fully charged and remains that way until it drops out of trigger.[1]
  • Speed: In its DT, Cavalierie Angelo can use lightning to augment its movement and attacks to blistering levels.


  • Sword: A long and large demonic sword used for the majority of its attacks.
  • Shield: Cavaliere Angelo can transform one of its wings into a shield.
  • Spear: Cavalierie Angelo can shift the form of its sword to a twisted, jagged spear. This is seen when it fought V from the back of an Elder Geryorn.

Appearances in Other Media[]


The Cavaliere Angelo was added to TEPPEN with its "The Devils Awaken" expansion. It is featured in one unit card which only spawns if the player uses the Elder Geryon Knight card first.

In the "Haunted by Memories" expansion, Cavaliere Angelo can be seen in a card that displays Trish getting cut out of it.


  • Cavaliere Angelo is Italian for “Knight Angel”
  • The Italian word Cavaliere comes from the Latin word Caballarius, meaning “mounted warrior”
  • In a Famitsu interview, Itsuno stated that the Cavaliere Angelo was a faulty creation of Mundus. Because of this, it needs some type of "base" to function. Once it acquires one, it becomes a fairly powerful enemy in battle.[1][excerpt 1]

Devil May Cry 5 - Cavaliere Angelo Voicelines

This video includes some of the unused voice lines.

  • The game code for Devil May Cry 5 includes several unused voice lines for the Cavaliere Angelo, it's unknown whether these lines were meant to be spoken during the boss battle with the Cavaliere Angelo or with the Elder Geryon Knight. The voice lines are the following:
    • "Unforgivable...", "Dante...", "Death upon you!", "You will die!", "Must...retreat...", "Sparda...I couldn't...for Spardaaa...", "You won't get through!", "Time...!", "Stop!", "It's over...", "Impossible!?", "Come!", "You! What are you doing!?", "My spear shall pierce though thy flesh!" [sic], "May my lightening burneth thy flesh!" [sic].


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    "For sure, the road ahead isn't going to be easy. By the way, could you tell us about the first boss you meet in Dante's chapter?
    Itsuno: Sure, the boss is named 'Cavaliere Angelo'. Now, you may hear the word 'Angelo' and think of something obvious, but this is actually a creation of Mundus from the first game. However, he didn't do a great job and it ended up being a faulty creation, so it needs a sort of 'base' or 'spark' to function. That said, if it does happen to find a 'base' then it's going to be quite a formidable demon to fight against."