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Template:Quote Cavaliere Angelo is a boss demon encountered in Devil May Cry 5.


Cavaliere Angelo appears as a tall, winged humanoid demon with two ridged horns and purple glowing eyes. His entire body is covered with black armor, with his large wings, when folded, act both as a shield and over the shoulder cape cable of blocking attacks.

The Cavaliere Angelo was a faulty creation of Mundus'. Because of this, it needs some type of "base" to function. Once it acquires one, it becomes a fairly powerful enemy in battle.[1]


Cavaliere Angelo hasn't displayed any personality traits other than constant fury and utter hatred of Sparda and those of his lineage. He immediately attacked Dante with a grimace on his face and during the battle, all he utters are dark grunts and furious screams of Sparda's name.

Powers and Abilities

Cavaliere Angelo appears to be a larger, stronger and more durable version of Angelos that are attacking Red Grave City, with the unique ability to control and empower himself with lightning, including the abilities to imbue his sword with electricity, fire bolts of lightning at Dante, and teleport. When Cavaliere loses his initial charge of lightning, he can draw a recharge of electricity from damaged lamp posts and various loose wiring from the area, with Cavaliere able to unleash a massive burst strike of lightning bolts once fully charged.


  • Supernatural Strength: Cavaliere Angelo is strong enough to carry his enormous sword and carve massive gouges in asphalt with his weapon.
  • Supernatural Durability: Due to his armor, Cavaliere Angelo can take a lot of blows from Dante's Sparda before becoming stunned and vulnerable.
  • Electricity generation and manipulation: Cavaliere Angelo uses electric powers in the form of purple lightning. He uses this lightning to augment his sword and as projectile attacks. He can fire this lighting as projectiles as well as huge thunder streams. 
  • Teleportation: Cavaliere Angelo can coat himself in lightning to travel quickly between two places.


  • Sword: A long and large demonic sword used for the majority of his attacks.
  • Shield: Cavaliere Angelo can transform one of his wings into a shield.


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