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Leave now, mortal! The likes of you are forbidden in this land. You who are powerless are not worthy to set foot here.

Cerberus, also referred to by the title Ice Guardian, is the Gatekeeper of the entrance to the Temen-ni-gru, chained up and sealed away by Sparda. He is the boss of Mission 03 of Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening.

In the Devil May Cry HD Collection, the player will achieve the award "Man's Best Friend" for defeating Cerberus.


Cerberus is a three-headed hellhound willing to grant power to the worthy. He has the power to control ice, which he uses to encase himself in ice armor, summon showers of icicles, and belch small icebergs. Each of his heads uses different techniques. Also, his hind paws seem to be missing and replaced with ice; this can be spotted when Cerberus lunges his head(s) at the player.[1]



Dante encounters Cerberus.

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Cerberus in ice.

When Dante first enters the tower, he finds Cerberus at the entrance in the Ice Guardian's Chamber. Cerberus demands that he leave, and then attacks when Dante mocks him. After being defeated, Cerberus asks Dante if he's not human which Dante responds that he's not sure. Cerberus, impressed by Dante's strength, willingly relinquishes his soul to Dante as a Devil Arm.


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Cerberus will be encased in an armor of ice that must be dispelled before he can be damaged. Shoot the ice off of his heads, then attack the legs to make him fall down and attack his exposed heads. It is possible to kill Cerberus using only firearms without moving by going to the right side of the stage and firing at Cerberus with Maxed-out Ebony and Ivory.


In Greek mythology, Cerberus is the hound of Hades, lord of the dead, and guards the underworld. He appears in the Divine Comedy as the guardian of the third circle of Hell, in which gluttons are punished by constant black rain and icy slush.


  • The cutscene following Cerberus' defeat will change slightly depending on which head is the last to be defeated. The dialogue; however, will remain the same.
  • When entering the Demon World, the player will hear that Cerberus' battle theme had been transformed into a distorted and deeper version of the human one, much like the other themes.
  • Cerberus is mentioned in Devil May Cry 5, on Mission 16. King Cerberus, the gatekeeper of the Qliphoth, explicitly told Dante that Cerberus was a "weaker kin" and only the King Cerberus can bring him down. Dante taunted King Cerberus and told him that he "wants to take him out for a walk" in a similar manner to the cutscene in Devil May Cry 3 where Dante does the same to Cerberus.



  1. Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening, Boss File — Cerberus: "The 3-headed feral gatekeeper. Said to have the power to control ice. He grants power to those worthy of it. Those unworthy, meet their doom by his giant fangs."