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Chaos are lesser demons that appears in Devil May Cry 5.


Chaoses are reptilian lesser demons evolved from harsh environments of the Underworld like Riot. In their case, they develop razor-sharp scutes across the spine that can be deployed to cut and shred things like a circular saw via a rolling attack, along with a neurotoxin sac hidden within the chest cavity which gives them ability to spit poison at range, in addition to their claws and sharp teeth. While sharp, each of their scutes can be shattered with enough force, lowering the effectiveness of their roll attacks.



Nico's Enemy Report - Chaos

Another big lizard that's crawled outta some deep dark hole in the underworld.
Each one of those spikes on its back is like a giant saw tooth, and it's not afraid to get 'em spinning!
They're sharp but brittle, so try snapping 'em off in between dodging its attack runs.
Oh, and it's got these nasty little neurotoxin sacs inside its chest. Step aside when it stats hackin' something up- that stuff is lethal!


The Chaos has 1500 HP.

The primary attack employed by the Chaos is a spinning charge where they will become extremely resistant to damage and difficult to interrupt. For example, Ebony & Ivory will inflict one damage per shot while the Chaos is spinning. However, continued gunfire from firearms will stop the Chaos' charging attack and leave it prone on the ground. While on the ground, the player can break the Chaos' spines to prevent further rolling. Dr. Faust's Hat Trick can also force the Chaos to stop rolling and can even break its spines.

Royal Guard can be used to prevent damage from the spinning charge.

The Cavaliere is an excellent weapon against Chaos. Not only can its attack deal massive damage and keep it effectively stunned, the player can utilize both the first hit of Cavaliere Combo B and Full Throttle to interrupt and counter the Chaos' spinning charge move. Stinger in Devil Trigger can also stop this move.

After the spines have been broken, the Chaos will employ a projectile attack in the form of some kind of spit and a three-hit combo employing it's tail and claws.

Nero's Charge Shot, V's Griffon's Bullet and Vergil's Blistering Blades can be used to stun or stop the Chaos' spinning attack. If Nero shoots at the Chaos while it is spinning without using Charge Shot, it will slow down, at this point Nero can use Buster on it.


  • Memorial photo caption – “Spin me right round.”