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Charged Shot is one of the most recurring techniques in the Devil May Cry series. It involves channeling demonic energy into bullets to increase the damage of firearms. Each charge level is characterized by a colored flash of energy around the firearm.


Devil May Cry[]

Charged shot is not a named ability in Devil May Cry, Ebony & Ivory, Shotgun, Grenadegun, and Luce & Ombra can be imbued with demonic energy. This is only available to Devil Trigger-capable Devil Arms, and as such, is not available with Force Edge or Sparda. The guns will be charged with the currently equipped Devil Arm's element. The charge lasts for a period of time, rather than a set number of shots. The player must remained locked on or else the gun will lose its charge.

While in Devil Trigger, any shots fired from these weapons will be imbued with demonic power.

Devil May Cry 3[]

Charged Shots are available to Dante with Ebony & Ivory and the Shotgun while in the Gunslinger Style. Unlike its original counterpart, the guns are imbued with Dante's own energy, not the element of the currently equipped Devil Arm. Up to 3 charged shots can be fired from Ebony & Ivory, and 2 from the Shotgun. The guns are charged by holding the Gun button and Dante can perform any other action while charging them.

Devil May Cry 4[]


Nero's charged shot is channeled by his Devil Bringer, which imbues a demonic charge into his customized revolver. Nero can run and dodge while charging, but is left vulnerable after firing due to the recoil. There are 3 levels for the Blue Rose, signified by the color of the energy around the Devil Bringer.

Levels Color Description
Level 1 Blue Deals six times as much damage as Blue Rose's normal fire.
Level 2 Purple Further increased damage and a explosive AoE effect that damages nearby enemies.
Level 3 Red

Double explosive effect with the second explosion occurring after a slight time delay. Against smaller enemies, the first explosion has a knockdown effect while the second tends to launch the target high into the air.


DT Dante EI shooting

Dante's Charged Shots from the fourth game

Dante only has access to Charged Shot after purchasing at least 1 Level of the ability for either Ebony & Ivory or the Coyote-A from a Divinity Statue or between missions; however, unlike in Devil May Cry 3, he can charge shots in any style.

Dante's time needed to charge is significantly shorter than Nero's. The strength and quantity of this charge increases with the number of upgrades purchased and both weapons have 3 Levels of Charged Shot. In his Devil Trigger state, all of Dante's shots will be imbued with demonic energy. Shots can be charged during any action.

Gun Shots per Level Maximum Shots
Ebony and Ivory 5 15
Coyote-A 1 3

Devil May Cry 5[]


EX Charge Shot is an skill for the Devil Breaker called Tomboy. It converts Blue Rose into a weapon resembling a Gauss rifle and allowing the pistol to fire powerful beam-like attacks. By holding the shoot button, this attack can be charged by an additional two levels, even if Nero does not yet have the actual Charged Shot ability.

After regaining his Devil Bringer, Nero also regains the ability to use his original Charge Shot. It can be charged up to three levels and is charged by continuing to hold the gun button after Color Up has been loaded. Nero's hand will glow blue for the initial level and his whole forearm will glow when he is at maximum charge. The current charge level of Charge Shot is also indicated by the Bullet Gauge below Nero's Devil Trigger Gauge. Its effects are identical to the Devil May Cry 4 version.


Dante's Ebony and Ivory once again have Charge Shot after purchasing at least one Level of the ability and has a total of three levels. Gunslinger mode has a set of Auto-Charge abilities that automatically charges Ebony & Ivory any time they are selected and not being fired (with the speed increasing as it is leveled up).

Coyote-A has an ability called Charge Shell that can be purchased and it also has is a normal ability with three levels of charge. It is performed by holding the Gun button until Dante's hand glows red.

The charges of both of these weapons will also empower Gunslinger techniques with demonic energy as well.

Gun Shots per Level Maximum Shots
Ebony and Ivory 5 15
Coyote-A 1 3

DmC: Devil May Cry[]

Charged Shot is a Revenant technique that allows Dante to fire a "sticky" explosive shot that will attach to its target and explode after several seconds. All of Dante's Charged Shots allow him freedom of movement and other actions.

Similar Abilities[]

Several firearms have abilities similar in theory to Charge Shot but have a variety of differences:

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