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Checkmate is one of V's moves for his cane in Devil May Cry 5. It is almost like Nero's Buster. The Checkmate move is where he finishes off the enemy or boss where his Familiars left off.

Useful tips[]

Some Checkmate animations are interactable, such as the Riot checkmate, where V is able to skip a chunk of the animation entirely if the primary attack button is pressed at the right time, some Checkmates also have special properties, in the case of the Behemoth, V is able to use the demon to attack other demons. V can use his cane to warp forwards a decent distance, but cannot do it again until he touches the ground.

Checkmate animations in Devil May Cry 5[]

Lesser Demons[]

Empusa, Green Empusa & Red Empusa[]

V hold the Empusa in place and stabs them in the torso, pressing the Checkmate button as he does this allows V to stab the Empusa again with each press of the button.

Empusa Queen[]

V stabs the Queen in the abdomen and drags the cane upwards before violently pulling it out.

Hell Caina, Hell Antenora[]

V grips his cane with both hands and drives in into the demon's chest, V then places his foot on the demon's chest and uses it to help pull the cane out of the demon.

Hell Judecca[]

V picks up the Judecca's blades with his cane and uses them to fatally slash the demon.

Death Scissors[]

V knocks the scissors out of the demon's hold and holds them in place with his cane's handle until the scissor blade falls down and cuts out their head.

Riot, Chaos & Fury[]

V drives his cane through the demon's chin and after a few seconds violently pulls it out, if the player presses the primary attack button as V impales the demon's head, he will pull it out instantaneously, skipping a chunk of the animation.

Proto Angelo & Scudo Angelo[]

V forces the opponent to their knees and slits their throat with his cane.

Baphomet & Lusachia[]

V drives the cane through the top of the demon's head, nailing them to the ground, steps on them and pulls the weapon out.


V jumps atop the Behemoth and drives his cane into it's skull, during this Checkmate V is able to control the demon somewhat and is able to use it to kill or damage other demons in close proximity, after which V will wrench his cane from the demon's skull, killing the demon.


"You like to dance? The floor is yours."

V clashes with the Nobody before slamming the cane onto their head. Pressing the Checkmate button rapidly allows V to continue clashing as if dancing with the Nobody.

If the Nobody is that final enemy in the area, V picks up one of the Nobody's exploding eyeballs with his cane and throws it right back at them.



"The cut worm forgives the plow." What do you say?"
―V quoting William Blake's "Proverbs of Hell" finishing off Nidhogg[src]

V pierces Nidhogg's head with his cane as the parasite tries to shake him off until nailed to the tree. V teleports himself and brings his cane back until Nidhogg disintergrates.

Elder Geryon Knight[]

"The hours of folly are measur’d by the clock, but of wisdom: no clock can measure." Die!"
―V quoting William Blake's "The road of excess leads to the palace of wisdom" delivering the final blow of Elder Geryon Knight[src]

V stabs the Elder Geryon in the neck leaving only Cavaliere Angelo remaining as the demon is thrown off his horse.

Cavaliere Angelo (Miraggio Angelo)[]

""But the following Contraries to these are True.""
―V quoting William Blake's "The voice of the Devil" slaying Miraggio Angelo[src]

V has his attack parried by the demon and is stabbed through the chest, however, it was only an illusion, and the real V appears behind Cavaliere Angelo and smashes it in the back of the head with his cane.

Artemis (Mirage Artemis)[]

V stabs Artemis in the chest and slides down her body, dragging the cane along to tear her flesh.

Goliath (Mirage Goliath)[]

Goliath has two finisher animations. In one of them, V simply stabs him in the forehead. In the other, V strikes Goliath. But as the giant almost smashes V with his fist, Nightmare appears before him as V teleports beside the golem. Both giants duke it out until V lands on Nightmare's fist to deal with the finishing blow.


"While thy branches mix with mine, and our roots together join."
―V quoting William Blake's "Love and Harmony" as he prepares to merge with Urizen to resurrect Vergil[src]

V lands on Urizen's neck and stabs him through the top of his head.


"You and I are one!"
―V absorbing Vergil into himself[src]

V only faces Vergil in Bloody Palace. After his Familiars weaken Vergil, V embraces Vergil and drives the cane through his back, also impaling himself and absorbing Vergil, except in Mission 17 with Urizen, V impales Urizen to return as Vergil.