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Chen DMC Volume 2

Chen the Cannibal

Chen the Cannibal, also known as Cold-blooded Chen or simply Chen, is the main antagonist of Devil May Cry 2 novel. He is the head of the underworld crime syndicate. Despite being such a powerful figure, Dante doesn't learn of him until the events of the novel.


Those who don't know Chen describe him as a grandfatherly figure. He dresses in an old-fashioned suit, is chubby, and has thinning hair. He is constantly smiling, and has a lust for knowledge, particularly knowledge about demons, that serves as his driving force in life. When he is about to discover something new, he giggles in a creepy manner.

Powers and abilities[]

Chen is a major force in the criminal underworld. From his illicit activities, he amassed wealth which he used to fund his research into demons. Although it is not explained how, he managed to use his research to turn himself partially into a demon, gaining superhuman speed, strength, and healing capacities. With the power of the Beastheads and a Sparda-like weapon, he was even match for Dante in battle, but he was eventually defeated.