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Chrono slicer laser barrier

A Chrono Slicer seen alongside the laser barriers.

Chrono Slicers are the time-manipulating mechanisms set alongside Laser Barriers in Devil May Cry 4. They are scattered throughout the Order's HQ and require the Key of Cronus to operate.

Appearance and Description[]

Chrono Slicer represents a retro-looking box for insertion of the key, standing on a small thick pedestal. The mechanical box extends upwards if it's triggered.


Chrono Slicers have the ability to dilate time and slow everything around in the room,except for the user. Since they still suffer the Key of Cronus's developmental process, they operate for a limited amount of time and cannot be turned off, once set. Chrono Slicers usually appear near highly-hazardous places, such as laser chambers and sawblade shafts. A Chrono Slicer's duration varies depending on the level of room security. One can be short-lasting, while another can last longer.


  • The grayscale effect that filters the screen during the activation of the Chrono Slicer is called the "Old Movie Filter". It has been used in making films in the early 1900s.