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Claude was Kerry's best friend. He died after being attacked by a demon.


One day, Claude played a few games of darts with his best friend Kerry , ended up winning the games without any problem, which Kerry asked to play again in order to win, however Claude did not accept being that he had to soon go to work. Angry thinking that his friend was fleeing Kerry ended up wishing the death of Claude, to which unknowingly a demon appeared to grant his wish, this demon had been sighted by Kerry long ago asking him to tell him his wishes, but despite asking him three wishes different he still refused. However, the only wish he fulfilled was the death of Claude which ended up melting until leaving only his skeleton.

After the impact of the scene Kerry was thrown to the ground, blaming himself for what happened and going to prison, despite giving his testimony of having seen a demon and did not really want his death, all this did not help at all when he was blamed for the murder of Claude taking as his statement his words of guilt before the situation. Some time later he managed to escape from his cell with Dante's help .


The little that could be seen of him was that he was friendly with Kerry, enough to be considered his best friend. He used to act mockingly with him, being that when he saw him lose numerous times in the darts he tried to play with him to annoy him.

He is responsible because when Kerry asked him to play the darts again he simply left without answering, giving more priority to his work being that it was not long before he returned to his work supporting the complaints of his friend.


He is a full-grown adult man with long brown hair and black eyes.

Wearing black suspenders and trousers of the same color, a gray shirt and long black boots. In addition to wearing a dark red band on the forehead.