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Concentration (コンセントレイション, Konsentoreishon?) is one of Vergil's basic gameplay mechanics in DMC4SE and DMC5SE. It is a combat mechanic that rewards calm and precise play.

Concentration is represented by the Concentration/Focus Gauge (集中ゲージ, Shūchū Gēji?) which is located to the left and above the Vitality Gauge. It has 3 levels (0, 1, and 2/Max)—a high level of Concentration enhances attack properties such as damage and range, and grants access to unique moves. Concentration increases during an enemy encounter when standing still, walking slowly, using Trick and when successfully hitting an enemy. Landing attacks is the most efficient way to gain Concentration. On the other hand, Concentration decreases when running (drains it), missing an attack (removes a chunk), and getting hit (removes a large chunk).


Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition[]

DMC4SE Official website — Vergil

English version

Concentration Gauge
Vergil uses a sword style based on iaido that requires a high degree of physical prowess. By increasing his concentration, Vergil can better utilize this style and perform even more powerful attacks.[1]

Japanese version


Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition[]

DMC5SE Official website — Vergil

English version

Master of the art of Iaijutsu, Vergil's attacks are honed to perfection. Sharp and precise, few enemies are capable of escaping his blade. By eliminating excessive action, be either aimless running or failed sword strikes, he will gain Concentration, making him more focused and deadlier. For each action, a perfect reaction: Anyone can swing a sword, but only the most disciplined can master it.[3]

Japanese version



Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition[]

The higher the Concentration level, the more potent Vergil's attacks will be in terms of overall damage and other mixed benefits. This is notable with Judgement Cut especially having its vortex size and slash amount increase massively (especially at max Concentration) for both the normal and Perfect version.

When at near max, Vergil emits a blueish-purple aura from his head-to-shoulders while also having a brief afterimage from most of his attacks. Vergil's Concentration levels will raise up faster when close-to-max as opposed to at lower levels. Concentration at max is also required to execute Judgement Cut End whilst in Devil Trigger state, though using moves that are enhanced by Concentration does not deplete the gauge whatsoever (including usage of Judgement Cut End).

It should be heavily noted that Vergil outside of an enemy encounter (or just upon finishing one until the next time he ends up in combat) cannot gain nor decrease his Concentration level until he is within range of enemies; even when the battle theme is playing, Vergil MUST be close enough to an enemy target to cause an interaction with the Concentration Gauge. Not even getting hit by hazards can decrease his Concentration if Vergil is not in actual combat.

For each weapon, Vergil's Concentration levels provide the following buffs:

  • Yamato: Disjointed hitbox range increases on his slashes to be able to slash at targets from further away, and the size and damage potency of both default and Perfect/Just Frame Judgement Cut also increases.
  • Beowulf: Grants all chargeable attacks an extra charge level up to a 3rd tier for more damage and knockback, also being indicated by everything else being darkened a bit by the more intense flashes of light upon said charge level being released.
  • Force Edge: Attacks involving the weapon gain multi-hit properties as Vergil has afterimages trail his animations, as well as increasing the size and damage of Round Trip.

Upon activating Devil Trigger, Concentration while still being able to be emptied, does so less due to the super armor effects, and also fills up at a much faster rate.

At times for most beginners to properly maintain and/or increase concentration levels, connecting with gap-closing attacks, walking, properly dodging and/or making use of lock-on Trick teleports are recommended to get used to in order to maintain Vergil's potency throughout a fight.

Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition[]

While being akin to the same as before, Concentration now gives extra benefits to Vergil depending on the amount, and will be expended in accordance as a resource for specific actions.

Essentially, the benefits provided for Yamato, Beowulf and Mirage Edge (in the place of Force Edge) remain the same as well as access to Judgment Cut End, though the other 2 Devil Arms now also have their own super attacks.


Requires Concentration Level 1 or higher. Blocks any incoming attacks, preventing damage. Decreases the Concentration gauge upon use. At Concentration Level 2, Vergil will parry and deflect incoming projectiles towards the enemy he is locked-on to.

World of V[]

Vergil stabs himself with Yamato, turning him into V for a brief period with enhanced mechanics. At higher Concentration levels, this move lasts longer and restores more Vitality to Vergil. Depletes the entire Concentration gauge upon use.


At Concentration Level 2, Yamato will gain its prior increased attack reach and Vergil gains access to the super attack Judgement Cut End, provided that he either is in Sin Devil Trigger or has a full SDT gauge in human form.


Level 2 gives Beowulf its extra charge level via a 3rd tier like before, while giving Vergil access to the super attack Hell on Earth, provided that he either is in Sin Devil Trigger or has a full SDT gauge in human form.

Mirage Edge[]

Mirage Edge deals extra hits via an afterimage effect akin to Force Edge at Level 2, though Vergil can also perform the super attack Deep Stinger, provided that he either is in Sin Devil Trigger or has a full SDT gauge in human form.