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Containment Room M6

Nero fighting off several Gladii in the Containment Room

The Containment Room is a location and boss in Mission 06: Resurrection in Devil May Cry 4. The player does not actually fight the room itself: the goal is to break the electrified glass window which separates Nero from Agnus. During his return to Fortuna, Dante eventually comes across this room and must battle several Gladii and Bianco Angelos.

The Containment Room is equipped with launchers for Gladii, as well as poison-gas jets and an electricity-dispersing battery. In the lab behind the Containment Room, Agnus stores the Yamato, as well as several other pieces of scientific equipment used in his research.


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Throughout the fight, Gladii will launch from the slots in the room to attack Nero. The player must use the Devil Bringer to launch them at the glass window separating Nero from Agnus, and be wary of the Gladii surrounding Nero, as they may interrupt the Devil Bringer throw. The battery in the center of the room will periodically discharge electricity that will damage Nero if he touches it; however, standing on the battery will prevent it from hitting him completely, and there is a charging period that will alert the player a few seconds before the electric field activates.