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Devil May Cry Manual — Dante

English version

Dante is a freelance underground mercenary in modern America. But his secret persona is even more extraordinary! He slays bloodthirsty devils from the depths of burning hell with his huge sword and dual-wielded handguns. Even a devil may cry begging for Dante's mercy.[1]

English (Japanese version)

His name is Dante. Freelance task-taker in modern underworld. However, he has another occupation more extraordinary. With deadly swing of huge magic sword, and with enchanted barrage from big double handguns, he slays blood-thirst demons from the depth of burning Hell. Begging mercy of him, even a devil may cry. That's the hidden, true identity of Dante.[2]

Japanese version


Wiki translation

Crafty handyman in modern underworld, who takes on dangerous requests for money. However, he has even more hidden astonishing face. Easily wielding human-sized demonic sword and sending bullets tinged with mysterious aura from large caliber dual handguns, he slaughters blood-thirsty beasts of Hell one by one. Devil Hunter, known as "Devil May Cry"—this is Dante's true identity.

Informant Enzo Ferino's Testimony
Dante? Yeah I know him. Doing this kind of business myself, I seen tons of dangerous guys...But I don't know anybody as crazy.
First off, he is one skilled dude. I seen him take on a dozen villains with only his strange sword...the one he calls "Woozy". He don't raise an eyebrow, even when a bullet grazes his nose.
Besides, he's weird. If he don't like a job. He won't take it. Even for a pile of C-notes up to the ceiling. But say it's something bizarre like a ghost hunting or devil purification, he jumps right on it...It don't matter if there's a reward or not.
Rumor says blue blood may be flowing in that guy's body. I tell ya, if he glares at a guy, even the Devil may cry.[4]

Devil May Cry 2[]

Devil May Cry 2 Manual — Characters — Dante

English (Japanese version)

His name is Dante. Freelance task-taker in modern underworld. However, he has another, more extraordinary identity. He is the son of Sparda, the legendary, heroic demon who fought for mortal mankind centuries ago. With deadly swing of huge magic sword, and with enchanted barrage from big double handguns, he slays blood-thirst demons from the depth of burning Hell. The strongest devil hunter on earth is him.[5]

Japanese version


Wiki translation

Crafty handyman who deals with crowds of brutal criminals with ease, but……really, he is the son of the Legendary Demon Swordsman Sparda who, although born in Demon World sided with mankind. Easily wielding huge demonic sword and sending bullets tinged with mysterious aura from his dual handguns, hunting down swarming beasts of Hell one by one, he's the strongest Devil Hunter, known as "Devil May Cry".

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening[]

Character - Dante
A demon hunter born of the union between the legendary dark knight Sparda and his human bride, he uses his keepsake sword and dual handguns to crush his enemies... After having some fun with them.[7]

Devil May Cry 4[]

Library - Character - Dante
Legendary Devil Hunter who sealed away the Demon Emperor Mundus. Son of Sparda, the demon revered by the Order of the Sword, Dante stands alone between demons and humanity. his mastery of close-quarter and ranged combat has led some to believe he has surpassed his father.[8]
Library - Enemy - Dante
Son of the legendary Sparda, the Devil Hunter known as Dante has become a legend in his own right. With his sword Rebellion and guns known as Ebony & Ivory by his side, many demons have come to know Dante's incredible power during his long career.[8]

Devil May Cry 5[]

Devil May Cry 5 promo site[9]
The Strongest Demon Slayer
The proprietor of Devil May Cry, and a Devil Hunter of legendary proportions. Dante is a half-human, half-demon hybrid, born to a human woman Eva and the demon who saved the human world, Sparda. He overcame battle after arduous battle in his past, and currently serves as a barrier to any attempt by demons to invade his world. Dante greets any and all challengers with a signature smile on his face. At the behest of a client, Dante jumps back into the fray against demonic forces.
Nico's Note - The Art of Devil May Cry 5
"The proprietor of the original Devil May Cry." "Son of the legendary dark knight Sparda." "Tony Redgrave." Call 'im what ya want, this handsome devil has been trapped in the underworld, tracking down the sumbitch that ripped off Nero's arm. When Dante busts out - and, trust me, it's only a matter of when - I gotta check out Ebony and Ivory, his hand cannons. Been dyin' to see those beauties, up close. Just not on the receivin' end.

Nico's reports — Character reports — Dante

English version

Everybody seems to start any talk about Dante with "the son of the legendary dark knight Sparda." If you ask me, Dante himself is pretty legendary too.

So he gets a job from this "V" fella who shows up outta nowhere, and he goes down to the underworld to steal back Yamato from the demon king—the guy who stole it from Nero.

Surprise twist—even Dante can't stand up to the guy. I mean, he gets wrecked. Just goes to show, there ain't no such thing as the perfect man.

Japanese version


Vという男の依頼を受けて、ネロの“ 閻魔刀”を奪ったという魔王を倒すために魔界を訪れたそうだが……。


He is the son of the legendary magic swordsman Sparda and is a devil hunter who can be said to be a legendary existence himself.

At the request of a man named V, he visited the demon world to defeat the demon king who stole Nero's "Yamato sword"...

I never thought that Dante would suffer defeat.
It's a pity because he was a man I wanted to meet once.

English version

Awakened Dante
I knew the one and only Dante wouldn't stay down for the count.

But to absorb Rebellion AND Sparda into himself to unlock a whole new level of power? Oo-ee! These legendary types sure know how to stage a comeback.

I hear he was out of action for a whole month followin' his ass-kicking at the hands of the Demon King, but for some reason the Qliphoth was pumping him full of demonic power the whole time.

Not only did this speed up his recovery, it seems it even made his beard and hair grow out.

Japanese version





English translation

Dante's Comeback
I didn't think he would die that easily, but...

I never expected that he would absorb both Rebellion and the demon sword Sparda into his body and come back with new powers!
A legendary man does something different.

After being defeated by the Demon King, he was said to have been asleep for almost a month, but during that time, it seems that Qliphoth had been forcibly filling him with magical power.

Thanks to that, his body has recovered beyond its limits, and his hair and beard have grown considerably.

English version

Devil Trigger Dante
If you're a demon and you see this, you know you've screwed up. This is Dante's "gettin' it done" look.

He may only be half demon, but when that half is the blood of Sparda, that's some high-octane gas you're working with. Most full demons don't stand a chance.

Not only can he move faster and hit harder than anything else in the room, his wounds heal up in a flash. This is the full demon-killin' package.

Japanese version





English translation

Majin Dante
 This is Dante releasing the power of the devil.

 He only has half demon blood, but it's Sparda's blood after all. If you release that power, no average demon will be able to compete with you.

 In addition to simple increases in strength and speed, the ability to self-repair has also emerged. It can be said that it is a form suitable not only for attack but also for defense.

English version

Sin Devil Trigger Dante
Dante's true form. With the two swords absorbed into him, his true power has awakened.

He can't stay in this form for long, but heck, overwhelming power doesn't have to last long to deal devastating damage.

With the power of Sparda unleashed, there's no tellin' the strength Dante has at his disposal. Maybe more than Sparda himself.

Japanese version




True Demon Dante
This is Dante's awakened true form after taking in two magic swords.

Although the time during which he can be active is extremely short, he seems to be able to demonstrate overwhelming power.

Since it has absorbed Sparda's power, it is no exaggeration to say that this power exceeds even Sparda's.

Nico's reports — Enemy reports — Bosses — Dante

English version

Dante, huh. Now I ain't trying to say anything, but I almost feel bad for the poor bastards that find themselves in that old devil hunter's sights.

I reckon Dante's shot, fired, or thrown just about everything grandma's cooked up over the years an' he's gotten pretty good at it too.

Your daddy's probably the only person out there who comes close to keeping up, and you think you can top that?

Yeah, good luck...

Japanese version




If anyone made Dante their enemy...
No one would survive being targeted by the legendary devil hunter.

The many techniques he uses with various magic tools are extremely brutal. Goldstein's magic tools are also completely mastered.

The only person he would be able to compete against would be his older brother Vergil. What do you think, can you beat Dante?

English version

Devil Trigger Dante
Thing about Dante is, right when you think you got him licked, he's just getting started.

Once he lets loose with all that demon power he's got stored up, he'll be faster, hit harder, and heal up whatever scratches you gave him to boot.

Your best bet? You get in there and give it everything you got. Ain't worth holding anything back if he knocks you out before you use it.

Japanese version




Majin Dante
Even if they were able to overcome Dante's various attacks, victory was still far away.

When you release the devil's power, it will not only be strengthened without any gaps in attack or defense, but will also undergo self-repair.

If you still have hidden power, you should release it without hesitation.
This is probably not an opponent you can win by being reluctant.

English version

Sin Devil Trigger Dante
Desperate times call for demonic measures. When Dante drops that old man bit, you know it's about to get real.

I'm talking like full mano-a-demon action, you know what I mean?

Like when Dante and Vergil change shape and really start knocking each other around.

Times like that though, phew, there's the potential for some serious demon sword study here. Dante's sword's all about combining man and demon, while Vergil's all about keeping them apart. Feels like it's more than just two brothers playing around, it's like the swords themselves got something to settle.

Japanese version




True Demon Dante
A true resolution can only be achieved by colliding true power.

If it were Dante and Vergil, they would be able to release the power of the true demons. All the powers of demons and humans will collide.

It's also interesting as a battle with a magic sword.
Rebellion, the magical sword that fuses demons and humans, and conversely, Yamato, which separates demons and humans. If they were to cross swords in their true forms, it would be a decisive battle between two demon swords.


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