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Devil May Cry[]

"Well, well, what do we have here? Nature's call? It's in the back."
―Dante meeting Trish for the first time[src]
"Trish...devils never cry... These tears, tears are a gift only humans have. And we humans, never give up... are you ready?"
―Dante to Trish[src]
"Goodbye! And when you do come back, give my regards to my son, will ya?"
―Dante's final words to Mundus[src]
"Mundus... his heinous ways make me sick; killing his own like they were nothing. He's the one that took the life of my mother for sure. My mother always used to tell me that my father was a man who fought for the weak. He had courage and a righteous heart. In the name of my father, I will kill Mundus!"
―Dante swearing to avenge his family on Mundus[src]
"Let's rock baby!"
"What a BIG surprise. I hope for your sake you have something inside that big body of yours."
―Dante mocking Phantom[src]
"Flock off, feather face, or you can stick around and find out the hard way!"
―Dante mocking Griffon[src]
"A man with guts and honor, I like that, but it's a shame you serve Mundus!"
―Dante before fighting Nelo Angelo[src]
"DON'T COME ANY CLOSER YOU DEVIL! You may look like my mother but you're nowhere close to her! you have no soul, you have the face but you'll never have her FIRE!"
―Dante after getting betrayed by Trish[src]
"My mother risked her life for me... and now you too. I should have saved you. I should've been the one to fill your dark soul with LIGHT!!!"
―Dante over Trish[src]
"I'm not going anywhere, besides there's no place to go look around! This will be your burial ground as well!"
―Dante fighting Mundus[src]
"Strange and ironic that it'll end the same way."
―Dante to Mundus[src]
"How much longer are you gonna keep zapping? Come out and SHOW YOURSELF Mundus!"
―Dante angry at Mundus for what happened to Trish[src]
―Dante angry at Mundus[src]
―Dante defeating Mundus[src]

Devil May Cry 2[]

"Every hero has a weakness."
―Dante consuling Lucia[src]
"Crap like that doesn't interest me. But...your swan song will!"
―Dante unsheathes Rebellion on Arius[src]
"Your lucky streak continues, granny..."
―Dante talking to Matier[src]
"Don't speak, just die!"
―Dante to Trismagia[src]
""King"? Yeah, here's your crown..."
―Dante shoots Arius[src]
"I know. He did the same thing. Hold on to my coin, Lucia."
―Dante passing his coin to Lucia[src]
"Yeah... let's go all the way to Hell!"
―Dante riding on his motorcycle[src]

Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening[]

"This party's getting crazy, let's rock!"
―Dante in the very first cutscene of the game[src]
"Easy, Fido! how about I take you out for a walk? Come on puppy, let's go!"
―Dante mocking Cerberus[src]
"So this is what they call a heartwarming family reunion, eh?"
―Dante before fighting Vergil[src]
"So, you want a piece of me, literally. Okay bro. Come and get it, if you can!"
―Dante before fighting Vergil[src]
"This whole business started with my father sealing the entrance between the two worlds. And now, my brother is trying to break that spell and turn everything into demonville. This is my family matter too. Quite frankly, at first, I didn't give a damn. But because of you, I know what's important now. I know what I need to do."
―Dante to Lady[src]
"What are you gonna do with all that power, huh? No matter how hard you try, you're never gonna be like father!"
―Dante to Vergil[src]
"We are the sons of Sparda. Within each of us flows his blood. But more importantly, his soul! And now, my soul is saying it wants to stop you!"
"Devils never cry."
―Dante to Lady[src]

Battle Quotes[]

  • Come on, wimp.
  • Crazy, huh?!
  • Blast off!
  • C'mon!
  • Breakdown!
  • Are you ready?
  • Chew on this!
  • It's cool!
  • WOOWAAAA, too easy!
  • Freeze!
  • Silence!
  • Let's rock!
  • Time to rock!
  • Sweet dreams!
  • Kiss this.
  • Rising Dragon!
  • You're grounded!
  • Spark it up!
  • Fire!
  • Stand still!
  • Too easy.

Devil May Cry: The Animated Series[]


Devil May Cry 4[]

"Time to wake up kid, you're missing out on all the fun. Nero!"
―Dante calling Nero to wake up[src]
"Wish you would've noticed me earlier... Now my coat's all charred."
―Dante to Berial[src]
"So, you're looking to play, huh? Alright, I guess I got some time to kill..."
―Dante to Nero[src]
"Though a fight every now and then does make life a little more interesting, don't ya think?"
―Dante to Echidna[src]
"You can hide that body, but the smell? Whoo! There's no covering up."
―Dante to Dagon[src]
"You don't look so big from where I'm standing. Now it's just you and me, Mr. Savior."
Dante: You summon and kill... Summon and kill... I fail to see the logic here. Is sanity the price to pay for power!?
Agnus: Humans. They are but stubborn and foolish. It takes a journey to Hell for them to accept and praise their God! A fact that tickle's irony's judgment.
Dante: And your judgments interests me not. For I'm here... To reclaim... What is rightfully mine.
Agnus: Yamato! That is what you seek. And that is why I wait in your path!
Dante: You will fumble in your opposition of my quest. Though I encourage! For an opportunity to battle a being of such grand delusions as you, is a sweet fortune!
— Dante vs. Agnus in the Opera House, Devil May Cry 4

Battle Quotes[]

  • Swordmaster!
  • Gunslinger!
  • Trickster!
  • Royal Guard!
  • Get Set!
  • Come on!
  • Hey! What's up?
  • Alright, baby!
  • Showdown!
  • Get outta here!
  • Shall we dance?
  • You need more training.
  • Breakdown!
  • Get outta my sight!
  • Trick!
  • Swords!
  • Gun!
  • Guardian!
  • Change!
  • Drive!
  • One!
  • Two!
  • Freeze!
  • Blast off!

Devil May Cry 5[]

"Cash up front? This, I like. The water needs turning on, and those toilets need flushing."
―Dante intrigued by his newest request from Morrison[src]
"Okay Morrison, I'll take you up on that gig. But ONLY if you can get me out of that hellish birthday party."
―Dante accepting Morrison's request on the condition that he doesn't go to Patty's party[src]
"Now that's a familiar tune... Do you have ANY idea how many times I've heard that EXACT same line?"
―Dante informing V that his job description is repetitive[src]
"What?! C'mon, you don't think I can handle this gig on my own?"
―Dante in disbelief upon hearing Lady and Trish will support him[src]
"Special? Okay. So what's so special about this one?"
―Dante questioning V about what's so special about the demon he's hired to kill[src]
"Well well... O king of stench and filth. I'm impressed! Those are the two best badass women in the world. And I know only one guy that can defeat them... Jackpot!"
"Nero, go! You're just dead weight."
―Dante telling Nero to leave[src]
"Unless you wanna die, I suggest you get the hell out of my way!"
―Dante preparing to face a group of demons[src]
"Yep, this is where it all started. That day mother saved me and... left you behind. The thing you don't know is, she tried to save you, too. She kept searching and searching... Until it killed her."
―Dante conversing with Urizen/Vergil about what really happened in the past[src]
"No, brother, you don't have everything. That last shred of humanity that you still had? You just lost it!"
―Dante's disappointment in Urizen/Vergil[src]
"You've been chasing this for an eternity... and it's nothing but useless shit."
―Dante vs Urizen/Vergil[src]
"It's not about loss... strength is a choice. Fighting like hell to protect what's important. You threw away everything you ever had... no wonder you have no true power!"
―Dante answered Urizen's/Vergil's question on why he's so powerful[src]
"Why the rush? I'm enjoying this!"
―Dante fighting Griffon[src]
"Great.... can't wait for the rematch."
―Dante after beating Griffon[src]
"One more round... It's like I'm back on Mallet Island."
―Dante after beating Griffon and Shadow[src]
"Should'a known better. You got a good heart, but you're about as sharp as a marble."
―Dante to Griffon[src]
"Rest in peace, little chicken. It's been a bash."
―Dante's farewell to Griffon[src]
"Hey Vergil, your portal-opening days are over. Give me the Yamato."
―Dante confronting Vergil[src]
"It's just about time to settle this."
―Dante to Vergil[src]
"You cut off your son's arm for THIS?"
―Dante mocking Vergil while fighting[src]
"Think you can beat me? Not in a million years!"
―Dante mocking Vergil while fighting[src]
""Not gonna die." my ass. That bitch slap nearly killed me."
―Dante after getting smacked by Nero[src]
"Whatever. I don't really care. I'm just gonna sit this one out."
―Dante resting after fighting Vergil[src]
"Oh, brother. You cut off your own son's arm for more power, and you still lost."
―Dante mocking Vergil[src]
Nero: You can't just expect me to stay here while you both go-
Dante: It's because you're here we can go. We're trusting you with things on this side, capisce? Take care, Nero. Adios.
— Dante to Nero, Devil May Cry 5
Dante: So all we gonna do is cut this thing down?
Vergil: That's right. I'm more than capable of handling this one on my own.
Dante: You're gonna need some help... and someone to keep an eye on you.
— Dante to Vergil when descended into the Underworld, Devil May Cry 5
"You beat me this time... but that battle's just begun!"
―Vergil kills more demons in the Underworld than Dante[src]
"Look at that, a tie. Are we ever gonna settle this?"
―Dante and Vergil kill the same number of demons in the Underworld[src]
"Took out more than you did. You ready to accept defeat, Vergil?"
―Dante kills more demons in the Underworld than Vergil[src]
Dante: Score one for Dante! I'm up one.
Vergil: Where did you learn to count!? We're even!
— Dante and Vergil as they fight in the Underworld, Devil May Cry 5
Vergil: Don't you dare say it-
Dante: Jackpot!
— Dante and Vergil fighting together in the Underworld, Devil May Cry 5

Battle Quotes[]

  • Swordmaster!
  • Gunslinger!
  • Trickster!
  • Royal Guard!
  • Finish!
  • Yes! Out of the ball park!
  • Get outta my sight!
  • I'm on fire!
  • Let's go partners!
  • This should make things easier.
  • And you're set free.
  • Over! DRIVE!
  • Lightning!
  • What you lack... is this!
  • Thought you'd like it.
  • Come on! Show me what you got!
  • Eh. Two is overkill anyway.
  • My turn now!
  • Take this!
  • Not bad!
  • Full throttle!
  • Dragon punch!
  • Looks like I blew my wad.
  • Freeze!
  • And I'm back.
  • Tricked ya!
  • Live it up!
  • It's showtime!
  • Sweet dreams!
  • Take this!
  • Roadkill!
  • CRAZY!!! Heh heh!
  • WOOO-HO-HOO!!!
  • YEAH-HAHA!!! Woo-hoo!
  • Hahaaa! Let's go for a ride, shall we?!
  • Ugh. All out of goodies.
  • Damn... I'm old.
  • Come on... Not here...
  • It... can't be...
  • This how it ends...?
  • You like jugglin'?
  • Too easy.
  • It's your lucky day.
  • Heheh... hah! Ahahahaha! Guts & honor.
  • Come on, come at me boy!
  • Payday!
  • Chop it up!
  • Goin' up!
  • Up you go!
  • Who's ready for a show?
  • Thought I was dead? Hah! Too bad!
  • Well, look at you. Think ya could take this a teeny bit more seriously? For me?
  • You're trembling... Is that fear? Or excitement?
  • Is that really all you got? Aww, little Vergil's got a boo-boo?
  • Oh c'mon! The fun's just getting started!
  • Lady never did this.
  • Go back to hell!
  • Feel this!
  • Countin' on ya!
  • Shoo!
  • Now the fun begins!
  • Jackpot!
  • Good goin'.
  • Here's a little somethin' for ya.
  • Rev it up!
  • You've been a bad boy!
  • Get em' girl!
  • Locked on.
  • Outrun this!
  • Red Hot!
  • Wanna have some fun?
  • Gettin' hype!
  • A one, a two, FINISH!