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DmC: Devil May Cry[]

"Time for a little Rebellion."
―Dante summoning Rebellion[src]
"You wanna fight? Let's go."
―Dante to Lesser Stygians[src]
"Target practice, right on que."
―Dante to Bathos[src]
"Not in a million years."
―Dante insulting his counterpart[src]
"Game over. <...> Son of who? <...> Whore mother? I don't know my mother but if you're calling me a son of a bitch - you wouldn't be the first."
―Dante to the Hunter[src]
"I remember... I remember my mother... her name was Eva. She gave this to me. I had a brother too? We were a family. I had no idea of the danger we were in. The demons found us. When they broke in, I saw him. She gave her life so that we could escape. I will never forget what he did to her. Our father, Sparda took my brother and I away. He separated us, hid us safely amongst the humans, wiped our memories to protect us. That's why it all went black... until now."
―Dante reminiscing memories[src]
"Ok, so to kill Mundus we need to drag him away from the Hell Gate. We do that by pissing him off. <...> And we piss him off by taking out the Raptor News Network and Virility? <...> Which one do you wanna do first?"
―Dante recapping Vergil's plan[src]
"Yep. But you can call me Dante the demon killer. Has a nice ring to it, don't you think?"
―Dante to the Succubus[src]
"You know what your problem is? You're too clingy!"
―Dante finishing off the Succubus[src]
"Breaking news, Bob! You're fired!"
―Dante finishes off Bob Barbas[src]
"Now there's a face only a mother could love."
―Dante before fighting Mundus' Spawn[src]
"You know what Mundus? You're right It wasn't for mankind. It was - it was for revenge. I gotta tell ya - killing your child like that, watching it explode into little wet chunks, hearing you scream like one of your little demon bitches. Priceless."
―Dante to Mundus[src]
"Kat saved my life! Kat held out under torture to keep your existence a secret! Kat led us through the tower to Mundus' lair! We would have failed twenty times over if it weren't her! <...> I didn't help you destroy Mundus so you could take his place! I can't let you do this, Vergil."
―Dante stands up to Vergil for Kat[src]

Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale[]

"This city is lousy with demons. They're everywhere, if you know what to look for. Not that I'm looking. If it were up to me, they's stay in the underworld. But I guess no one asked me. They don't ask, they just drag me down to Limbo for a little chat. Me, I like to talk with my swords, and my guns. And I kind of feel like talking right now. Doesn't matter to me what they look like or where they're from. I'm coming for the demons. And when I'm done, none of them will be left standing."
―Dante's story mode intro[src]
"I'd say that was a piece of cake, but you don't use a sword like mine to cut cake. You know, I don't even think those were all demons. I'm not really sure what some of them were. Doesn't matter. Swords and guns don't care, and neither do I. They're gone now. I'm still here. So come on, then. Send the demons. But I'm warning you: if you thought it was tough fighting me before... just got a whole lot toughter."
―Dante's story mode outro[src]