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The Darts are short, narrow swords which appear in Devil May Cry 2. Several can be thrown at a time.[1]

Appearance and Gameplay[]

The Darts are metallic needles which have a light-thin handle.

The player can locate the Darts in a statue that resides within the clock tower during Mission 2 of Lucia's scenario. If missed in Mission 2, these can be found re-located in Mission 5, right past the door inside the empty lava pit.

Darts have alot of power, but their smaller shape give them an ability to spread outwards when used at the peak of the limit. They are simply the same as Throwing Daggers and don't alter their use so much. Apart from her normal form, Lucia's Devil Trigger bears these weapons for claws.


Devil May Cry 2[]

Action Command Description
Rain Storm Button ps4 square (after Air Hike) Throw darts at the enemies below you while airborne.



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