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Demons are an ageless, infernal race of beings known to be at war with their celestial counterparts, the angels.


Demons seem to have great control over the human realm in many aspects (physically, financially and politically) by taking advantage of the neoliberal capitalist nature of 21'st Century American society. Dante states that demons exist "in every level of society in every part of the world."[1]

The demons control everything, from banking to food production, which is visible in the dimension of Limbo. Here the lies of the demons are unmasked, showing that by controlling society they intend to subjugate humanity and harness their souls to become stronger in their war with the angels. A poster for "Candie's" hamburgers for instance becomes "GLUTTONY IS GOOD", and the ad "Home Loans for You" becomes "HOMELESS FOR YOU".

The demons are even able to influence the media, either by controlling the humans involved or having demons give the news, such as Bob Barbas.



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