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Demon forms are alternative forms taken on by those who naturally have human forms.


Demon forms provide the user with an increase in physical and demonic abilities. Humans can achieve this form through the use of magical items, demonic possessions, or rituals. Hybrids typically use Devil Trigger to enter their demonic form. Some artificial demons have a human form by default and use Devil Trigger to enter their demon form as well.

Those who have transitioned into demon-hood via the Ascension Ceremony are capable of taking on a demon form as well, similar to how hybrids transform via Devil Trigger.


Dante uses Devil Trigger to enter his demon form. Though it has evolved over time, there are several common features that it has always kept. It is humanoid with a scaly, red hide and black skin. However, this is not Dante's true demon form. By using Sin Devil Trigger, he takes on a much more bestial form with incredible strength.

Dante first transformed into his demon form in the Devil May Cry 3 (manga) when he was shot by one of the sealed Sins. His blood ran along Rebellion's blade and it temporarily awakened his demon form. This transformation was slow and at times, painful. Dante initially only had claws, fangs, black sclera, and what appeared to be darkened veins. After some time he transformed completely.

In Devil May Cry 3, Dante gains the ability to enter his demon form at will when Vergil impaled him with Rebellion. Dante's demonic forms are quite humanoid though its exact features, such a its general facial structure, cranial crest and the fins on its back vary with the weapon he has equipped.

For the first installment of the series, Dante uses Devil Trigger to completely take the form of demon who's power he is drawing on. This grants him an increase in all of his stats and new abilities.

In Devil May Cry 2, Dante can use Devil Trigger to transform into his demon form from the start of the game, this time drawing on power from Amulets. In this form, his skin turns red and black, he gets spikey hair, and grows wings that fold up against his back. He also has "coat tails" are separate from his wings and he gets gatling guns in his hands. His physical appearance in unaffected by the Amulet he uses, but they offer various effects, such as increasing his stats or adding elemental damage to his attacks.

Dante uses this form to fly Lucia to safety when Aruis blew up his office building.

Dante can sometimes enter his true demon form, if he is low on health.

In Devil May Cry 4, Dante is able to transform into his demonic form in his very first appearance, in which he is attacked by Nero, and it is unaffected by the weapon he has equipped. This demonic form is very reptilian; it gives a reptilian appearance to Dante's arms and legs, his head seems to produce spiky edges, there are cracks on his chest, and his "coat" is a pair of curled up semi-chiropteran wings with each divided into three segments. He is much more powerful in this form, attacking with greater force and speed, firing magically charged shots from his guns, infusing some of his attacks with extra demonic energy to enhance the move at the cost of instantly consuming part of his DT gauge.

In the first-half of Devil May Cry 5, Dante's demonic form is largely identical to his form in Devil May Cry 4, with some minor stylistic changes and his coat becomes wings for flight. He uses it against Urizen to allow V and Nero to escape, but is easily over powered and knocked out of this form when Urizen broke Rebellion. While Urizen attacks Dante with Qliphoth roots, Trish throws him the Sparda and he transforms once again into his demon form. He charges at Urizen once again but is knocked off the Qlophoth an transforms back into his human form.


DT Rebellion

Dante's Demon form while wielding Rebellion in Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening

Dante's Rebellion-fueled demon form is in actuality his own demon form red and black, his chin-length, snowy hair turns into a tusk-like crest, and his body physique is much more bare. His coat tails either function like his trench coat or open up to spread out from the hips and give him wings for gliding. He also has his coat's "Lapel" changed into white-colored ones, his feet have clawed toes and gains a red, foggy aura. While in this form, Dante gains a decent boost across all his stats making this Devil Trigger transformation the most well-rounded one.


DT Cerberus

Cerberus-influenced Demon form

Dante's demon form while wielding Cerberus mainly red with a bright blue skeletal system, with his wings changing into a pair of vertical, strip-like wings, his cranial crest points up into two and gets a thinner design, and he has a cyan, foggy aura. While in this form, Dante gains augmented speed to his specific weapon compared to Dante's other demonic weapons.

Agni & Rudra[]

DT AgniRudra

Agni & Rudra-influenced Demon form

Dante's demon form while influenced by Agni & Rudra has energy streams that glow orange on one half of his body and light blue on the other, representing the power of the twin demons and the twin swords. His coat is altered with two straps formed near the center of his front torso, spikes protrude from the red streaks on his legs, arms and back, and he has a spiked crest, giving him a serrated look similar to the blades. Dante gains enhanced physical strength and elemental properties and Dante takes on an orange foggy aura.


DT Nevan

Nevan-influenced Demon form

Dante's Nevan demon form is red and purple with many features, including pointed sleeves, a Y-shaped imprint along his chest, and a facial structure that resembles a horned/bladed helmet. He gains a greater regeneration ability and has a purple, foggy aura.


DT Beowulf

Beowulf-influenced Demon form

Dante's Beowulf-influenced Demon form is red and white, it has a look resembling the Cerberus Demon form. However, much different in its cranial structure. The Beowulf demon form gives Dante a white, foggy aura and improved defense.


DMC1 Alastor DT

Alastor's demon form

While using Alastor, Dante transforms into Alastor, a winged, tailed demon with electrical powers. his wings give him more mobility by allowing him to take flight. In this form, Dante has control over electricity and can imbue it in his guns or fire it from his palms.


DT Ifrit

Ifrit's demon form

While using Ifrit, Dante transforms takes on the visage of Ifrit, a spiked demon with black and gold skin. This dramatically increases his strength and control over fire to the point where he can cause eruptions and throw fireballs.


Dante-Sparda DMC1 artwork

Sparda's demon form

Dante can transform into Sparda during his first two battles with Mundus. In this form has horns and a insectoid appearance with six wings. In this form he has greater control over the demonic energy within Sparda can fire energy balls, extend the reach of his sword with Sparda's energy, and create constructs.


Vergil can use Devil Trigger to transform into his demon form much like Dante. He gains a boost in strength, speed, and defense. Vergil's demon form is first seen during his second battle with Dante, in the Lair of Judgment, although in the Special Edition, it can be used from the beginning when playing as him. Like Dante, Vergil's demonic form keeps the design of a blue, humanoid creature, and the design varies with each weapon, excluding Force Edge.

In the Yamato demonic form, Vergil possesses traits that are similar to Dante's Rebellion form, but with blue and black skin and has several white imprints detailed on the "trench coat" with the three coat tails separating into four (with its design when airborne being bat-esque wings), his spiky hair changes into a crest that has a fin shape at the top, his neck gains a membrane that curves inwards, the spine merges with two dark-colored bones exposed at the top, clawed hands and toes, his sheathe alters and attaches to his sleeve while becoming a clawed appendage. In this form, Vergil also has a blue aura.

Vergil's Beowulf demon form is mainly blue and with white glowing lines. Vergil gains new features that Dante's Beowulf demon form has, such as vertical strip-like wings, but has an additional pair to them, he keeps his blue "coat" and his cranial crest flats to a thinner crest.

In Devil May Cry 5, Vergil's demon form is bestial and samurai-esque. His skin is scaly and is largely covered in stoney plating. His head has a pair of ram-like horns with large tube shaped horns that sit atop his head and extend out to the sides. It is shown to have reptilian feet, four wings, and a tail that extends from his mid-back. His arms feature blue energy streams that he can materialize Yamato.


Throughout Devil May Cry 4 and the very beginning of Devil May Cry 5, Nero is in a perpetual state of partial transformation as his right arm is his Devil Bringer. Using Yamato, Nero can project his energy in the shape of what would have been his demon form if he transformed.

Nero truly gains access to his demon form for the first time when he finds his resolve to protect Dante and Vergil from one another. His hair grows out, he grows horns and most of his skin becomes a scaly hide. He has a pair of spectral arms and fold into feathered wings and rest on his shoulders. The skin on his chest and abs is a light blue color and the skin on his ribs, shoulders, and a little bit of his forearms becomes red and scaly. His legs are mostly black and has clawed toes. He also has long claws on his fingers.


DMC2 - Lucia Devil Trigger 02

Lucia's Devil Trigger in Devil May Cry 2

Lucia can access her demonic form through Devil Trigger by drawing power from Amulets, increasing her stats and granting her new abilities. Lucia's demon form has a dove-like appearance with a set of feathered wings, talons on her feet, and pointed ears. She possesses teal-colored eyes and her skin becomes black with line patterns similar to her shirt. Curiously, the part in her hair favors the opposite side of her head. Her melee weapons are replaced with glowing versions of Cutlasseer and are enhanced by Amulets. Her feathers can be used as projectiles.


Secretary Devil Trigger DMC2

The Secretary's Devil Trigger in Devil May Cry 2

As a demon with similar origins to Lucia, Secretarys' demon forms nearly identical to hers. They are clad in dark purple feathers and have long feathers draped over their shoulders. Their head is covered by a crest that also covers their faces similar to their signature masks. Demon form Secretary eyes glow yellow and they have yellow energy flowing throughout their bodies.

In this form, Secretary's have enhanced strength, speed, access to new ablilties and can use their feathers as projectiles


Arius gains a demon form after dying at Dante's hands and subsequently being reanimated. His skin becomes a pale green, his eyes glow red, and his ribs protrude from his torso, exposing his heart. He gains two tentacles on his back and has monstrous strength and a significant increase in movement speed.

After some fighting, Arius mutates further into a salamander-like creature with a mouth with long, sharp teeth.


After obtaining Force Edge from Hell, Arkham takes on the form of Sparda for a short time. In this form, he is fairly confidant that he could take on Dante alone. After one sword clash, Arkham transforms once more and becomes a horrific blob. In this form he is capable of expelling small worm-like creatures that will track down an enemy and explode. He can also fire spike-like blobs. He has significantly increased strength while in his blob form.


Angelo Agnus

Angelo Agnus, the One-eyed Dark Knight in Devil May Cry 4.

Agnus' demon form was attained through the Ascension Ceremony. He has an beetle-like appearance with a white exoskeleton. He has a halo on his head with one red eye and beetle wings on his back that allows him to take flight. In his demon form, he's a powerful demon summoner. As a demon, he is able to summon his self-created Gladii, Cutlass, and Basilisk demons to do his bidding and aid him in combat.[1] Agnus can also partially summon a group of Basilisks to shoot deadly fireballs, and drain his opponent's health to replenish his own vitality.

Agnus uses this form to flee from Nero, who had just awakened his Devil Trigger. He later uses this form to kidnap Kyrie and stop Nero from saving her later on. He took the form once more to confront Dante, but is beaten to the point that he falls back into human form and is killed by Dante.


Angelo Credo render

Angelo Credo, the One-Winged Dark Knight in Devil May Cry 4.

Credo obtained a demon form through the Ascension Ceremony. In his demon form, Credo takes on a dove like appearance with white feathers covering most of his body with dark purple skin and a lot of gold accents. Credo has a bare chest, shins, forearms, and feet with taloned toes. He has one wing on the right side and a purple shield in place of his left arm and a tail. His Durandal seems to have transfromed into a large golden sword. In this form, Credo is stronger, faster, capable of flight and can summon golden blades that act similarly to Summoned Swords.


After being "killed" by Dante, Sanctus underwent the Ascension Ceremony. Sanctus' demon form is largely unchanged from his human form, gaining only a floating yellow "halo" behind him, a golden aura and two floating objects that can be used for attack. This form grants him many abilities, including a bubble shield for defense from any and all sides, the power to shoot fireballs from his hands, fire lightning, teleportation, create shockwaves, and cause light beams to rain from the sky.

After resonating with the Sword of Sparda, Sanctus body changes into a more grotesque form. A jewel similar to The Savior's grows on his forehead, and a halo on his head, two large horns grows with large red energy tendrils flowing from them. Black ooze encroaches on his body, arms, and face from the base of the horns. His eyes are now red with black sclera and he also has long black nails. He has all the same powers as before but stronger and wields Sparda.

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  1. Devil May Cry 4, Boss File — Angelo Agnus: "The demon form of Agnus after his Ascension ceremony. With wing-like organs attached, Angelo Agnus can call upon the numerous demons of his pseudo-hell to do his bidding, but only at the cost of his health."