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Devil's Cry (Shall Never Surrender) is a song by Bentley Jones who is responsible for songs such as Dreams of an Absolution. The song itself is a cover of Devil May Cry 4's title song "Shall Never Surrender". The music is composed by Tetsuya Shibata, with lyrics written by Jason "Shyboy" Arnold and additional music and arrangement by Bentley Jones.


Devil’s Cry (Shall Never Surrender) came out on July 2011 in the OCRemix website via Bentley Jones through his account name LeeBro. The artist [Bentley Jones], was inspired by the song the first time he heard it.

The song has a classical feel to it but it keeps the preservation of the song "Shall Never Surrender.” It has a bit of an eerie feel to it. Additionally, it keeps the music from the original song by Jason Arnold.