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Devil's Dalliance is a prominent location in DmC: Devil May Cry. Dante seems to have frequented the club at points in time before the game's events, as a few waitresses take note of his presence, asking for his company, and even took a few home for the night.

Human World[]

Owned by the demoness Lilith, it is a large establishment that accommodates massive scores of raucous youth, and is also seemingly a place for quite a bit of debauchery. Many of the employees are females dressed in revealing white lingerie, complete with white wings to resemble angels, and there are many spots in the club with women dancing on poles. A bouncer at the door prevents access to those who aren't on a particular guest list.

Featured prominently is its dance floor of glowing tiles, with its periphery spotted with couches and tables for patrons to sit at. A tower of speakers in either corner of the main stage blast out house music accompanied by flashing lights. A balcony above the main stage is where Lilith can be seen most often, overseeing the affairs of the club's crowd.

The nightclub's true purpose is to lure celebrities and others of the city's elite into the club with drinks, drugs, and sexual desires, where Lilith will subsequently brainwash them, turning them into Spotters.


DmC Nightclub2

The first form of the Limbo-twisted nightclub

When Dante arrives at the club on a mission, his presence is made known to the demons supplanted in the crowd, and Lilith pulls him into Limbo. Manipulating every facet of the environment, it first closely resembles the regular club, although Dante is trapped on the dance floor by large rectangular walls that bounce up and down to the beat of the music. Crowds of people dancing can also be seen as shadows within the tiles, reflecting the real world just out of reach.

The Devil Has Talent

The Devil has Talent

As Dante routes the demons and survives the dance floor, Malice changes the nightclub even more. Tearing away the walls, all that is left are pathways of concrete and glowing tiles that can damage Dante if he is not in a specific mode. With no walls or ceilings to give a sense of enclosure, digital audio waves and silhouettes of dancing women move to the beat of the music in the distance, while below what little platforms there are is a sea of dancing patrons. Lilith also enacts a reality TV-like game show "The Devil has Talent", to test Dante, forcing him into a series of battles that must be completed under certain circumstances if he wishes to proceed.

As Dante continues, he moves closer to a large statue of a woman, while platforms become more scarce, and walkways made of pure light allow further passage.