The Devil Breaker (デビルブレイカー, Debirubureikā?) is one of the weapons used by Nero in Devil May Cry 5. It was built by Nico and replaces the Devil Bringer that was ripped off of Nero by a mysterious hooded man.

There are eight types of Devil Breaker the player can unlock in the the base game, with additional five types being offered as DLC.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Devil Breaker is a specialized artificial appendage that has eight different types of which Nero is able to use. Each Devil Breaker connects to the base of his arm, making them easily replaceable. The base of the Devil Breaker contains the wire which is used for the Wire Snatch ability, which behaves exactly as the Devil Bringer's Snatch ability: it pulls small enemies onto Nero but pushes Nero toward larger enemies. This move is available by default even if Nero has no Devil Breaker equipped.

All types contain one "Break Away" move that instantly breaks the arm, however this Break Away move can allow Nero to evade enemy attacks. Another way the arm breaks is by getting hit while performing any Devil Breaker attack or while charging the Devil Breaker.

On lower difficulties, Devil Breakers can be found through the missions, said to be scattered by Nico for Nero. Nero can also replenish or change his magazine before any mission, or when interacting with the van or a Divinity Statue during a mission.

File[edit | edit source]

Devil May Cry 5 promo site, Character - Nero[1]
Devil Breaker
New power for a broken hunter
A weaponized prosthetic arm made by Nico to replace Nero's missing limb. High output performance makes them break easily, so Nero usually carries multiple Devil Breakers into battle, swapping out broken arms for new ones.
The base of the Devil Breaker contains the Wire Snatch ability, which pulls smaller foes to him or sends him rocketing towards larger targets, living or otherwise.

List of Devil Breakers[edit | edit source]

Preview Name Description Obtained
Overture icon.png Overture The first Devil Breaker built by Nico. A comparably orthodox weapon compared to other arms, damaging enemies with electric bursts. Its name is derived from this straightforward functionality. The first Devil Breaker available in the game, this arm is easy for starting players to use.[1]

Nico made it from a part of a Blitz.[2]

Mission 01 completed
Gerbera icon.png Gerbera A Devil Breaker that launchers shockwaves from its petal-shaped complex reverberatory furnace. The recoil can be used for instantaneous movement, and converging the shockwaves makes it fire a high-output energy beam. Beautiful design belies tremendous firepower.[1] Mission 01 completed
Punch Line icon.png Punch Line Rare demonic minerals give this Devil Breaker jet propulsion power, packing incredible destructive force behind each blow. The arm can detach to fly around autonomously, during which Nero can ride it. Slam into demons in this mode for even more damage.[1]

Nico made Punch Line from a sample of Goliath's horn.

Mission 02 completed
Helter Skelter icon.png Helter Skelter The helix of sharp metal gives this Devil Breaker incredible penetrating power. Spread its blades to pulverize unlucky foes.[1] Mission 02 completed
Tomboy icon.png Tomboy

Soup up your sword or gun by linking them up to this Devil Breaker. The boost in power comes at a loss of control so handle with care.[1] When activated, it also changes Red Queen combos.

Mission 05 completed
Buster Arm icon.png Buster Arm Nico tried to recreate Nero's lost demonic arm, resulting in a powerhouse capable of throwing enemies with devastating force. This brute strength comes at the price of reduced durability, but the chance to toss around massive demons is well worth it.[1] Mission 05 completed
Rawhide icon.png Rawhide This beauty was crafted out of demonic metals, unfurling into a metal whip of impressive length. Use Rawhide to increase the power of your Snatch technique.[1]

Rawhide is made from a sample of Gilgamesh's demon metal.

Mission 06 completed
Ragtime icon.png Ragtime This arm was crafted from special materials obtained from a powerful foe. Creates special force fields that warp and slow the flow of time for all within them. Convenient for taking on multiple foes at once, the utility of this Devil Breaker varies based on your play style.[1]

Ragtime is made from a sample of the Elder Geryon.

Mission 06 completed
Mega Buster icon.png Mega Buster A weapon that recreates Mega Man's legendary Mega Buster. Boasting a unique silhouette, it's designed for long-range attacks. Equipping it activates special variations on the side roll and jump moves. DLC
Sweet Surrender icon.png Sweet Surrender A Devil Breaker created by Nico to relieve Kyrie's tension.

Nero is too rough to do the job without hurting Kyrie, so this device is made of soft materials. Its vibration feature is especially effective at alleviating shoulder and hip pain.

Pasta Breaker icon.png Pasta Breaker A Devil Breaker that makes pasta extra easy to eat. Created by Nico for clumsy Nero from Helter Skelter and Punch Line parts. Aside from the easily recognizable revolving fork on the end, the Pasta Breaker has no particularly useful function in combat. When used, it rotates the Devil Breaker order. DLC
Gerbera GP01 icon.png Gerbera GP01 A special Devil Breaker inspired by the legendary creator Shoji Kawamori. Fires shockwaves from its five fingers, which can be controlled freely on the ground or in the air. Functionally similar to the standard Gerbera. DLC
Monkey Business icon.png Monkey Business A Devil Breaker with a banana motif. Who knows what possessed Nico to build this? The bunch rotates, but is mostly useless.

Note: Initially was only available as a download code from[3] Some codes were also given out for free for random users on Xbox One. On May 7, 2019 it became available as a free DLC for all regions and platforms.[4]


Movesets[edit | edit source]

Action Command (PS4) Command (PC) Command (XONE) Description
Devil Breaker B c.gif MMB Bx b.png PressB c.gif /Bx b.png to attack with your Devil Breaker. Taking damage during this attack will destroy your current Devil Breaker.
Break Age HoldB c.gif then release Hold MMB then release HoldBx b.png then release Charging an attack will make that attack more powerful, but destroy the Devil Breaker after only one use.
Break Away B l1.gif Z Bx lb.png Sever and detonate your arm, losing a Devil Breaker in your magazine.
Scapegoat PressB c.gif while getting attacked, or get attacked while holdingB c.gif with a Devil Breaker equipped Press MMB while getting attacked, or get attacked while holding MMB with a Devil Breaker equipped PressBx b.png while getting attacked, or get attacked while holdingBx b.png with a Devil Breaker equipped} Attacks won't stagger you while using a Devil Breaker, or while preparing to use Break Age. You still take some damage, and your current arm will be destroyed.
Wire Snatch B r1.gif+B c.gif Shift+MMB Bx rb.png +Bx b.png Extend a wire from the right arm to reel in foes from a distance. Large or heavy enemies cannot be pulled in.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Written on the edge of the arm are the words "Devil Breaker System"[5].
  • When switching between Devil Breakers, Nero calls out their names, similar to how Dante does while switching styles.
  • Nero's choice of Devil Breaker determines which of the two different reloading animations for Blue Rose's Color Up ability he will use. If his Devil Breaker has a hand, he will reload with the Devil Breaker hand. If it does not (as with for example Rawhide) he will instead tuck Blue Rose into his right armpit and reload it with his left hand.

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