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The Devil Kingdom, later called the Dark Army, refers to the armies of demons in which centered under the rule of a selected being in the Demon World.[1]


Mundus' conquest

The first named ruler of the underworld was Mundus. About two thousand years ago, Mundus was born and gained great power quickly.[1] He seized the Devil Throne from a prior ruler whose name and rank are not known, and became the ruler of the Demon World.

Great War

An indeterminate amount of time after Mundus installed himself as the ruler of the Demon World, a devil god called Argosax rose to power and notability, and began to covet the devil throne, waging a war against Mundus for power[2]. After a great period of war, the Underworld was split in two sides, one ruled by Argosax and the other by Mundus.

Sometime after this great war, Mundus threatened the Human World with his power and his army, and planned to fuse the realm with the Demon World. Feeling pity for the humans, Mundus' ally, Sparda, betrayed him and fought for the freedom of humans. Defeating him, he then imprisoned the Prince of Darkness in a sealed vault[1]

Argosax's reign

After Mundus' sealing, Argosax the Chaos took control of the other half of the Underworld, sudbduing all the other demons present and installing himself as the king of all devils.[3] A few hundred years ago however, his rule was then abruptly interrupted by, Sparda who helped the guardian clan of Vie de Marli defeat and seal the immortal away.[4]

Urizen's reign

Several years later, Urizen took control of the Demon World.

Rulers of the Devil Kingdom

Name Position Status
UnknownRuler of the Demon WorldDeceased
MundusEmperor of the Demon WorldSealed
ArgosaxKing of the Demon WorldDeceased
UrizenConqueror of the Demon WorldCeased to exist

Fire Hell

The fire hell is a particularly cruel and barbaric circle of the Underworld and was conquered by Berial.


  • According to the Bradygames Devil My Cry strategy guide, the name of the first ruler was the "god of evil." This name has not appeared in any story materials. [5]


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