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This article contains spoilers, as such, it is recommended to read it with caution, or not at all.

Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat (Simplified Chinese: 鬼泣-巅峰之战; pinyin: Guǐ Qì - Diānfēng zhī zhàn) previously known as Devil May Cry Mobile (also referred to in press as Devil May Cry: Pinnacle of Combat or Devil May Cry: War of the Peak) is a mobile spin-off game developed by the Chinese company NebulaJoy (formerly known as YunchangGame; 云畅游戏; Yúnchàng yóuxì) and supervised by the Japanese DMC development team. It is a mobile action RPG with online modes such as team battles and PvP combat. The game seems to take elements from a variety of games in the series like DMC3, DMC4, DmC: Devil May Cry and DMC5. After several closed beta tests the game was released for public test in Mainland China on June 11, 2021.


On December 26th 2017, Yunchang Game acquired the rights from Capcom to make the game [1]. During an Oppo conference in China, it earned the award for "the most anticipated game",[2] [3] and Capcom has developed strict and detailed supervision standards to ensure the quality of the product.

It is set to inherit classic elements of the main Devil May Cry series such as weapon switching, combos, character design and puzzles. Some of the attacks of the game are based on their original counterpart frame by frame.[2] While most of the game seems to take Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening as its base, a trailer came out at the beginning of December 2019, confirming that the game will feature locations similar to those from Devil May Cry 4, and even DmC: Devil May Cry, with Phantom from Devil May Cry and Beowulf from Devil May Cry 3 being confirmed as bosses, and another trailer that came this time during the middle of December 2019, confirmed Nevan as a boss in the game, and Vergil as a playable character.

204,768 people have entered for the game's beta as of June 2018.[4]

On March 9th 2019, to coincide with the release of Devil May Cry 5, Yunchang Game released new images of the game, noting that they were "in-development game images", as opposed to using the Chinese word for "screenshot".[5]

The first closed beta test was held during December 17–19, 2019.

The second closed beta test was held during July 23–30, 2020.

On November 20th 2020, the game won the VIVO Most Anticipated Game Award [6].

The third closed beta test was held during January 7–14, 2021.

The final closed beta test was held during March 25–April 1, 2021.

The game was featured in the April 20, 2021 Apple Event. Additionally, the new international names for both the game and developer company were announced – “Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat” and “NebulaJoy”, respectively.

Following version 1.0, Hideaki Itsuno began working on the game together with the NebulaJoy staff [7].

The open beta test was launched in China on June 11, 2021.

On June 16th 2021, NebulaJoy announced on Twitter they're working on English and other languages localizations of the game (although the post have since been deleted).[8]

A moderator running Nebulajoy's Peak of Combat discord has confirmed that a global release is still their agenda as of November 11, 2022 [9].

The global release was officially confirmed on January 6, 2023 by a moderator, who stated they recently received a full green light [10].

The global beta English test was announced on February 15, 2023 [11]. NebulaJoy will start sending invite codes to most applicants, although there are a limited number of slots [12]. A moderator also said that they are working on a PC version.

The first global closed beta test was held during March 24–April 20, 2023.

The second global closed beta began on May 6-May 26, 2023.

The Android Global open beta test was held during July 6-August 9, 2023.

The third and final closed beta test began on October 12, 2023.

The game launched globally in January 10th, 2024.


The gameplay of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat follows closely to its PC/Console combat counterparts while simplifying some of functions due to limited screen space. Players navigate their way through massive levels while slaying demons, emphasis is placed on the methods used to deal with enemies, in the form of a Stylish Rank. Players can rank up Style points by defeating enemies with different skills and weapons, varying one's attacks further increases the gauge, while using the same move repeatedly will lower and stop the letter ranking until another style is used. Players can also dodge and taunt to increase their stylish ranking.

Feature differences compared to PC/Consoles[]

Several features in DMC PoC are either simplified, missing or unavailable compared to PC/Consoles counterparts, and the gameplay became more simple in the 2.0 version:

1.0's features/differences:

  • Characters can only have up to 4 weapons.
  • There is no Automatic Mode, but aim assist is supported.
  • Some weapon categories are not available.
  • Dante has only 2 styles: Trickster and Royalguard.
    • As a result, Dante's Swordmaster and Gunslinger styles are incorporated into his standard movesets through specific button inputs.

2.0's changes:

  • Characters now have only up to 2 weapons.
  • Dante cannot use guns anymore.
    • Despite this, he uses them in cutscenes.
      • Only Lady and Nero can use fire arms.
  • There is now a new character switching system: You can now have up to three characters in a team and switch in real time.
  • Characters cannot switch weapons and Dante has also lost his style switching.
  • Different weapons and styles are separated into different characters locked by a gacha system.
  • Most of the weapon's moveset have been deleted, leaving only a few moves left.
  • You can no longer buy new moves. Instead, it has been changed into upgrading existing moves.


Each character has their own specific weapon. Each weapon has different stats and may provide different buffs. The game currently has 8 types of weapons: canes, SMGs, gauntlets, mechanical swords, guitars, swords, shotguns and Yamato. There are 4 types of weapon quality: Rare Weapons, Epic/Pure Weapons, Legendary Weapons and Hell Weapons. The base stats of the weapon will be higher, if the weapon is of high quality.

Weapon Stats[]

All weapons come with attack, defense and health points stats that can be improved by upgrading them. Each weapon has specific buffs that can be obtained through upgrading.

Weapon Upgrade[]

Weapon upgrading allows character to deal more damage to enemies, possible improvements include:

  • Upgrade: Raises the weapon's level and the character's attack, defense and health points stats.
    • Every ten levels, the weapon has to be upgraded with red orbs, crimson scales and eyes of the abyss. The amount of material required depends on the level of the weapon.
  • Rank Up: Unlocks buffs specific to the weapon by consuming another weapon with the same name.
    • A weapon can be ranked up 4 times, which means a player needs to have the same weapon 5 times to obtain one fully ranked up weapon.
  • Skin: Changes the skin of the weapon.

Weapon skins[]

It is possible to unlock weapon skins and apply them on any weapon of the same category, unless they are specific to a character. The weapon skins that have appeared in-game are:

  • Gauntlets:
    • Eye of Salvation - Acquired through the Skin Shop
    • Beowulf - Acquired from various events
    • Duke of Impalement - Dante Royalguard Exclusive Weapon - Acquired through the Skin Shop
  • Swords:
  • Yamato:
    • Yamato - Acquired from the "Vergil Returns" limited event
    • Tusk of Widsom - Acquired from various events
    • Deadly Flash - Acquired through the Skin Shop
  • SMGs:
    • Thunderbolt - Acquired from various events
  • Guitars:
    • Nevan - Acquired from various events
    • Sound of Silence - Acquired through the Skin Shop
  • Shotguns:
    • Coyote A - Acquired from various events
    • Doomsday Prophecy - Acquired through the Skin Shop
  • Mechanical Swords:
    • Blood Ruler - Acquired from various events
    • Red Queen - Acquired from various events
  • Canes:
    • Frozen Might - Acquired through the Skin Shop
    • Staff of Darkness - Acquired from various events - Staff of Corruption Advanced Skin
    • V's Cane - Acquired from various events
  • Great Ax:
    • Hell Punisher - Acquired from various events
    • Glacial Titan - Slumbering Titan Advanced Skin
  • Twin Blades:
    • Agni & Rudra - Acquired from various events
    • Aeolus & Hephaestus - Wind & Fire Advanced Skin
  • Trish Gauntlets:
    • Thunder Breaker - Spark Splitter Exclusive Skin

Character Stats[]

Each characters have 6 default stats and these are not shared between characters.

  • Health Points: Each HP bar provides 100 HP, maximum 20 bars (2000 HP).
  • Mana Gauge (Burst Gauge for Lady): Each MG/BG provides 100 points, up to 15 bars (1500 points).
  • Power: Each bar increases 1.5% weapon damage, up to 20 bars (30% weapon damage increase).
  • Physique: Each bar reduces 1.5% damage receive, up to 20 bars (30% damage reduction).
  • Critical: Each upgrade increases 2% Crit Chance.
  • Critical Damage: Each upgrade increases 3% Crit Damage.

Unique stats[]

  • Dante's Anger: Each bar increases 100 Anger points for Royalguard, up to 12 bars (1200 points).


Unlike other games in the series, characters don't own signature weapons and cannot change weapons while in a mission. The moveset, called Skills, depends on which character and which variation of the character is played.

  • Skills can be unlocked and upgraded with Red Orbs and Skill Manuals.
  • Which skill can be upgraded depends on the level of the character.
  • There are 7 types of skills: Basic Attack, Secondary Attack, Evasion/Jump, QTE, Style Skill, Ultimate Skill and Passive Skill.


Realm Conquerer[]

Realm Conquerer is an elimination game mode that pits the player character against many groups of enemies and bosses in short fights, called floors. The realms are separated by elements: physical, fire, ice and electric. The player can only use characters using said element to climb the floors. It is worth noting that the floors are separated into groups of ten floors. The floor difficulty is reduced for all other players after ten players have successfully cleared the group of ten floors for the first time.

  • Every 5 floor, the player is confronted with a boss fight.
  • Completing 1 floor allows the player to collect red orbs that are available every minute. The higher the floor, the more red orbs the player will receive.
  • A Hall of Fame displays the first 10 players of the server that conquered the realm, in segments of 10 floors per 10 floors.

Boss Hunt[]

Boss Hunt is a replayable game mode that pits players against one or more bosses of the game. Through a limited amount of time, the player has to deal the most damage possible to the boss and get the highest score possible.

  • Boss Hunt is a weekly mode, the bosses and the ranking change every week. The scores and the rewards reset every week as well.
  • Boss Hunt is divided into six divisions (H, DH, SOS, DMD, HOH and HAH) and players are automatically sorted in a dividepending on their performance in this mode during the previous week.
  • There is a "hunter locking" system that locks a character in a specific boss fight for the whole week. If there are multiple bosses available during a week, the player will not be able to play the same character against different bosses.
  • It is the only mode whose reward includes Crude Shadow Stones to upgrade the Book of Demons.

Co-op Mode[]

Co-op mode is a replayable game mode that allow players to fight together against groups of enemies or bosses.

  • If incapacitated, a player can be revived if another player comes to their aid.
  • If the whole team is incapacitated, the players can use Gold Orbs to revive.
  • The player doing the most damage on the enemies will be granted the MVP title and will receive slightly more rewards.

Normal Mode[]

The Normal Co-op Mode regroups 3 players into a stage where they will have to defeat groups of enemies in a limited amount of time.

  • There are 7 stages available, each giving only one reward per completion per week.
  • The rewards can only be received once per character and per weapon.

Challenge Mode[]

The Challenge Co-op Mode pits 4 players against tough bosses with patterns that encourage group work. The rewards include Hell, Legendary and Epic weapons depending on the difficulty chosen by the player. There are currently two challenges available: "Nightmare Game" that pits players againt Nightmare Calibur, Nightmare Carus and Hellfilth or "Dimension of Fate" (1, 2 or 3) where players have to fight Baah, Medea or Parselopper respectively.

  • Each character has a Durability stat that resets to 9 every week. Participating in "Nightmare Games" requires 6 durability points and each "Dimension of Fate" requires 2 durability points. If players decide to play with a character that does not have enough points, they will not receive all the rewards from the boss fights.
  • If incapacitated, a player can be revived if another player comes to their aid.
  • If the whole team is incapacitated, the players can use Gold Orbs to revive.
  • The player doing the most damage on the bosses will be granted the MVP title and will receive slightly more rewards.

Memory Corridor[]

Memory Corridor is a replayable game mode unlocked while playing the main story. It is separated in chapters, corresponding to each chapter of the main story with their own specific locations and bosses.

  • Dante Must Die stage difficulty can be only unlocked after finishing lower stage difficulty.
  • Each chapter is composed of 5 fights, the last one always being the boss fight.
  • Completing a chapter can unlock up to 2 significant stat boosts for the characters called "Awaken".

Bloody Palace[]

Bloody Palace is a replayable elimination game mode that pits the player character against many groups of enemies and bosses separated in 6 floors. It is a competitive game mode where players have to get the highest score on the server to receive the better rewards.

  • The ranking rewards can be obtained every day.
  • The mode resets twice a week.
  • Bloody Palace is divided into six divisions (H, DH, SOS, DMD, HOH and HAH) and players are automatically sorted in a division depending on their rank.

Slot of Slaughter[]

Slot of Slaughter is a replayable elimination game mode where players have to fight enemies in a random stage, with a random element buff and a random enemy buff. Each victory is rewarded with cards that can be used to enhance characters.

  • Each fight costs 20 pizzas.
  • The mode gives rewards based on the level of the player: the player can choose a reward pool defining what cards can possibly drop. The reward pools are separated by levels (10, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70 and 80) and by elements (Physical/Fire, Electric/Ice or Support).

Limited Events[]

Speed Elimination[]

Players work as pairs against another pair of players to eliminate a designated number of demons as quickly as possible. A team needs to be faster than their opponents to win, and avoid being defeated by the monsters.

Vergil's Soul Realm[]

In the "Vergil Returns" limited event, there is an event called Soul Realm which has three difficulties: Easy, Normal and Hard. Easy mode gives 20 Diamonds, Normal gives 1000 Silver and Hard mode gives 5000 Red orbs.

  • Current used character stat upgrades are carried to Vergil in this event.
  • Clearing at higher difficulty also gives rewards of lower difficulties.

Legendary Hunters' Limited Events[]

Each time a limited edition Legendary Hunter is released, a unique mode associated with the hunter is available for the duration of the event. Players could earn daily rewards, explore a unique story related to the character, complete challenges with the new hunter and earn tokens to use in a limited event shop. Thus far, the limited events have been:

  • Devil Bringer - Windy Snow
  • Eternal Nightmare - Broken Gear
  • Count Thunder - Lurking Disaster
  • Charismatic Ally - Old Vision
  • Destined Executioner - Fates Reunite
  • Blazing Tempest - Chaos Timeline
  • Light in the Dark - Destined Choice
  • Peerless Legend - Crossing Time



  • Dante
    • Demon Hunter – Default character
    • One-man Show - Unlocked through the Permanent Vault, a Legendary Vault or with 50 One-man Show fragments
    • Fists of Salvation - Unlocked through the Permanent Vault, a Legendary Vault or with 50 Fists of Salvation Show fragments
    • Royal Guard - Unlocked through the Permanent Vault, a Legendary Vault or with 50 Royal Guard fragments
    • Destined Executioner - Unlocked through the Destined Executioner SSS Limited Legendary Vault
    • Blazing Tempest - Unlocked through the Blazing Tempest SSS Limited Legendary Vault
    • Peerless Legend - Unlocked through the Peerless Legend SSS Limited Legendary Vault
  • Lady
    • Swift Arsenal – Unlocked after completing Chapter 1
    • Spark Igniter - Unlocked through the Permanent Vault, a Legendary Vault or with 30 Spark Igniter fragments
    • Frosty Grace - Unlocked through the Permanent Vault, a Legendary Vault or with 50 Frosty Grace fragments
  • Vergil
    • Devil Crusher - Unlocked through the Permanent Vault, a Legendary Vault, with 30 Devil Crusher fragments or by buying the bonus offer
    • Nomadic Lightning - Unlocked through the Permanent Vault, a Legendary Vault or with 30 Nomadic Lightning fragments
    • Endless Judgement (Also known as Legendary Ronin) - Unlocked through the Endless Judgement SSS Limited Legendary Vault
    • Count Thunder - Unlocked through the Count Thunder SSS Limited Legendary Vault
  • Nero
    • Knight of the Order – Unlocked after completing Chapter 2
    • Devil Bringer (Also known as Devil Claw) - Unlocked through the Devil Bringer SSS Limited Legendary Vault
  • V
    • Eternal Nightmare - Unlocked through the Eternal Nightmare SSS Limited Legendary Vault
    • Charismatic Ally - Unlocked through the Charismatic Ally SSS Limited Legendary Vault
  • Trish
    • Light in the Dark - Unlocked through the Light in the Dark SSS Limited Legendary Vault

Hunter Skins[]

Players can acquire "Hunter Skins" that allow them to change the appearance of their hunters, without changing their moveset. The currently available hunter skins in-game are:

  • Lady
    • Swift Arsenal
      • Hot & Frosty - Log-in reward
      • Phoenix Dance - Acquired from various events
      • Wild & Deadly - No known source at the moment
    • Spark Igniter
      • Miss Christmas - Acquired from various events
    • Frosty Grace
      • Elite Hunter - Acquired from the Skin Shop
      • Best Romance - Acquired from various events
  • Dante
    • Demon Hunter
      • Nice & Cozy - Acquired from various events
    • Fists of Salvation
      • Tactical & Practical - Acquired from various events
    • Royal Guard
      • Red Phantom - Acquired through the Skin Shop
      • Party Hotspot - Acquired from various events
    • One-man Show
      • Crimson Melody - Acquired through the Skin Shop
    • Destined Executioner
      • Frozen Executioner - Acquired from various events
      • Red Alert - No known source at the moment
    • Blazing Tempest
      • Red Prince - Acquired from various events
      • Burning Heart - No known source at the moment
  • Nero
    • Knight of the Order
      • Sportster - Acquired from various events
    • Devil Bringer
      • The Fashionista - Acquired through the Skin Shop
      • Envoy of Christmas - Acquired from various events
      • Sunny Spring - Acquired from various events
  • Vergil
    • Devil Crusher
      • Summer Night - Acquired from various events or by buying the bonus offer
    • Endless Judgement
      • Corrupted Nightmare - Acquired through the Skin Shop
      • Guest of Honor - Acquired through various events
    • Count Thunder
      • Fallen Prince - Acquired through the Skin Shop
      • Breezy Dragon - Acquired from various events
  • V
    • Eternal Nightmare
      • Hearty Feather - Acquired from various events
      • Nightmare Frost - Acquired from various events
    • Charismatic Ally
      • Wanderer's Journey - Acquired from various events
  • Trish
    • Light in the Dark
      • Minimalist Trend - Acquired from various events
      • Demonic Secret - Acquired from various events


  • Hell Pride
  • Blood Pride
  • Enigma
  • Conundrum
  • Frost
  • Frost Sickle
  • Suttung
  • Hell Greed
  • Demonochorus (Also known as Devil Choir)
  • Fallen Choir
  • Troll Fire
  • Banshee
  • Weeping Banshee
  • Silver Knight
  • Demon Toad
  • Dullahan
  • Agatha
  • Bloodbat
  • Hell Bat






  • Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat is the only game which doesn't have Automatic Mode, instead, auto lock are used to assist players having difficulty at aiming enemies.
  • As of 2.0, most of Devil May Cry: Peak of Combat's mechanics are entirely different from other Devil May Cry games, despite having the same name.


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